The Grinding Caught Up With Tiger.

The Grinding Caught Up With Tiger

Hey Lopez….Why are you picking on Tiger?  I’m NOT picking on Tiger.  I wanted to pick on something that might help your golf game.  I think Tiger has lost some of his mental capacity but he also over cooked flattening out his back swing with Haney.

You can see a video about how Tiger changed his swing from his early years to Butch Harmon.  Figure the golf club moving even flatter with Haney.  Much flatter.

What A Finish For Tiger On Friday!

What A Finish For Tiger On Friday!

I’m down in Ft. Lauderdale today and boy, has this place gone down hill. I turned on the radio and heard a show in some Haitian creole patua language.  If you’re going to have a show in South Florida, for Pete’s sakes SPEAK SPANISH!!!!!

Gang…what Tiger did today…that’s as good as it gets when it come to “grinding.”  Grinding is what tour golfers call it when you keep fighting in spite of all the less than perfect circumstances and overcoming less than perfect shots.

Out side of the great shot Tiger hit on 16, (one of the only holes he didn’t make birdie) he made chicken salad out of you know what and seemed to make birdies in spite of his ball striking performance.  That’s why Tiger was and is so good.  Nicklaus was the same way.

Golf is a game of misses.  Question is…how do you make the best out of your misses.  You’ve got to have the short game.  You have to have a very positive mental attitude and a keep understanding for how the ball will react on the putting surface.

Tiger’s recovery shot on 18 was fantastic considering it was in the rough which makes it more difficult to spin the golf ball.  He was smart enough to play the “cut” shot and not risk hitting a branch on the tree in front of him, even though he probably could have hit it under the tree with no problem at all.

Question is…can he keep this up tomorrow or will he find his rhythm and hit the ball pure.  Here’s what makes golf such a challenging game.  He might hit it great tomorrow and possibly not score as well!  That’s golf.

What a game!

Is Tiger Gone For Good?

Is Tiger Gone For Good?

How quickly one can go from “top of the world” to the “crapper”! So much going on behind the scenes that neither the PGA tour nor journalists either picked up on or deliberately ignored. Surely someone knew what was going on and should have stepped forward and confronted Tiger before everything got out of hand.

Like in many work environments, who wants to tell the boss he’s wrong? Certainly not his caddy Steve. The PGA tour was making money. Why should they stop the gravy train? Well, Money ain’t everything! I believe that character and integrity are far important in the long run.

Is Tiger Gone For Good? Here’s a far more important question, “Is American Dominance In The Golf World Gone For Good?”

I remember when I was a young cocky 23 year old and Director of golf at Nueva Andalucia Golf Club in Marbella Spain. I was getting ready to join the tour myself and felt I had a tremendous advantage on the European tour just by being an American. In February of 1973 the World Cup was played at my course in Marbella with Jack Nicklaus and Johnny Miler representing the US.

Although there were some great worldwide players like Gary Player, Robert DeVincenso and others, there was no question in my mind that Jack and Johnny would run away with it and they did. In fact, the players representing Spain, Angel Gallardo and Valentin Barrios told me in the locker room that neither Nicklaus or Miller would break 70 on this difficult Trent Jones golf course. Well I was playing the golf course everyday so I knew they were full of tortillas! Sure enough, first day Jack shot 68 and Miller shot 65. I made a few bucks on side bets that day!

I looked at the standings in this weeks tournament on and I noticed all the foreign flags next to player’s names. Where’s the American dominance? This scares me!!!! It seems like we keep lowering the bar in this country not only in golf but in so many areas of American leadership.

America needs to get it’s MOJO back and we’re NOT going to get it back by apologizing for being successful. We used to say, “God is on our side!” Well, with the lowering of our moral standards of late, I would question whether God is not only off our side but getting fed up with our behavior!

When we compete, yes we should be polite and courteous. However, I would suggest, “KICK THEIR ASS” with a smile on your face!