How About A Lesson Over The Internet FREE!

How About A Lesson Over The Internet FREE!

With all the technology going on today, is it possible to do a lesson over the internet? Yes! Up until now, the best you could do is email your swing to a pro for an analysis. Problem is, the lesson is NOT in real time. How do you ask questions? How does the pro know you understand his/her analysis?

Golf Coach Direct is the first site I’ve found that actually has on line analysis in real time. Very similar but better than where you are at home or office watching the analysis on your computer screen while the pro is performing the analysis simultaneously. One added feature is IF you have a camera, both you and the pro can talk to each other and demonstrate drills for improvement. If not, you can communicate over the phone while performing the lesson in real time.

I invite you to try a lesson FREE and give me your opinion. I want to know if you enjoyed the experience? Was the system easy to use and understand? Is this something you would do again? How much would you be willing to pay for a lesson?

If you’re interested please call 804-378-7456 or go to

Drill, Drill, Drill and Forget It!

Drill, Drill, Drill and Forget It!

Golfers sometimes make the mistake of carrying over their practice session to the golf course. NOT a good idea.

Thinking about your practice assignment on the golf course could frustrate you to such a point that you give up on the good work you’re doing on the range.

You may be improving in “reprogramming” your swing fault on the driving range and NOT be ready to carry it out to the golf course.

Work on your drills at the driving range and let that work “meld” into your swing on the golf course. On the golf course your mind should be on club selection, shot selection, swing tempo and balance. You actually have a better chance of having the hard work to invested on the driving range produce results if you relax and let the new movements jump in on their own.

If you’re still having trouble with the transition from the range to the golf course then you need to stay off the golf course and get back on the driving range. Do your drills as often as you can whether it be at home, in the back yard with whiffle balls or in front of a mirror.

That’s why I think the off season is the BEST time to work on your golf swing.

Less Is More When It Comes To Your Golf Swing!

Less Is More When It Comes To Your Golf Swing!

I’ve asked many a student to hit me a shot while attempting to hold their body as still as possible. When they view the video playback they are always shocked at how much their body moved during the swing. So many of us try to do too much. Once you get on the golf course and your RPM increases the problem gets even worse. Too much movement with the body can destroy your golf swing and especially your consistency.

Work on swinging while holding your body still….a swing that feels to you like all arms. You’ll be surprised at how far you’ll hit the golf ball and how consistent you will be in ball contact.

The body needs to work as a support mechanism or base to work from. Yea yea yea, I heard all out the leg drive too but it’s a con. Don’t fall for it.

I once saw an article in Golf Digest that was an interview of Jack Nicklaus on his long career. The interviewer asked, “Do you credit some of your success to the strong leg drive you had?”

Nicklaus replied, “I’ve heard a lot about that and read it in many articles. Fact is I never thought about my leg drive. I always felt that having strong legs offered me the opportunity to swing my arms harder.”

You’ve got to Be kidding! How many golfers were totally screwed up because of all the articles about leg drive!

You Have To Be Willing To Make A Jackass Out Of Yourself!

You Have To Be Willing To Make A Jackass Out Of Yourself!

There is one thing about learning a new language…you have to be wiling to make a jackass out of yourself and attempt to speak the language even if you’re making mistakes. I’ve met folks that claimed to have taken four years of Spanish in high school and then four more years in college and they still can’t speak a lick of Spanish!

It’s all in the application. If you were to move to a foreign country a be forced to speak their language you would learn it in no time or be very lonely.

Good golfers are wiling to go to the far end of the range and do their drills, hit short easy shots and look like a hacker but stay on target on what they are attempting to accomplish. They don’t care about knocking it out of the park or impressing the other golfers around them.

When doing drills. Do the drill dry three times first, (that means without a golf ball). If you’re convinced that you can perform the drill properly then hit a short shot with the drill. You need to have a way to monitor your finish and know that you did it properly. I like to call it taking inventory. Then and only then do you attempt to perform the drill with a full shot and again monitor or inventory your results! Hold your finish at least until the ball hits the ground and then look at the position of your hands, arms, your balance point etc.

You might look like a jackass compared to someone else knocking the snot out of the golf ball hitting one after the other as fast as they can…BUT…in my estimation the golfer hitting their balls in the way I just mentioned looks like the jackass!

Be Careful Taking Golf Swing Advice From Golf Magazines!

Be Careful Taking Golf Swing Advice From Golf Magazines!

Many a good golf swing has been ruined by over emphasizing a golf tip from a golf magazine or a golf book. I’m not necessarily blaming the magazine mind you. The golf magazine is in the business of providing golf information for their clients and I’m sure they try to do their best. Problem is, as much as any golf guru would like to say they are trying to help the golfing public with their article, in private most will tell you that to offer the proper and effective advice for YOUR golf game they need to see you swing a golf club.

Golfers read what seems like a great tip, and it might be, but for another golf swing rather than yours. They attempt to apply what the expert suggests only to find themselves in worse trouble then when they started, more frustrated and confused and in some cases giving up the game altogether.

My suggestion is to take golf advise just like to should take news reports. They might be true but there is probably more to the issue. Take what you think might be a good idea to your teaching pro first. Ask him/her about the article, it’s application and whether it would be a good idea for your swing style.

Also you should make sure your teaching pro, (if you’re taking lessons) knows that you are attempting to try a tip you’ve read or seen on TV. The worst thing you can do is incorporate another swing theory with the one your pro is working with you on. That spells disaster!

Bottom line, read the magazine to keep up with golf, outstanding offers for golfing vacations and the latest golf clubs. Listen to your Mom when it comes to golf instruction, “don’t talk to strangers”!

Bobby Lopez, PGA