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About Us

Everyone could afford to take a few strokes off their game. Whether you’re just picking up the game, you’re playing a few rounds with friends, or looking to compete, there’s always room for improvement. But with so many courses, videos, gurus, and other answers out there, you can easily become more confused than when you started. 

That’s where we come in. At QuickFixGolf, we focus on the smallest details that have the biggest impact on your swing. For over 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of students quickly diagnose their problem, and give them a “Quick Fix” to improve their golf game.

Why Choose Us

Whether it’s your first day on the course, or you’re just looking to tighten up your game, we’re here to help you improve your golf game quickly. We offer a variety of programs to help you focus on specific areas of your golf game. At QuickFixGolf, our PGA Certified Golf Instructors work with all ability levels locally or online. 

What Players Are Saying

I'm 77 years old and have been at this game for 50+ years. In that time I've given a few lessons myself. But, when things go south on me - as they do with every golfer from time to time - I don't hesitate to go see Darren. His tech equipment is really good but his highly experienced discerning eye is even better. He never fails to provide a "QUICK FIX" in a great environment and at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend him for for all Beginners, Duffers, Intermediate and Advanced golfers.
Sam S
The individual attention is great in both individual lessons and workshops.. Darren is a true professional and treats everyone with attention to detail to their individual needs. I not only have improved my game due to their instruction but I now have a much greater understanding of strategy and other aspects of the game. Darren's is very personable, shows a great individual attention, and does not overwhelm you with too many things.
Ron K
After playing golf all my adult life (50 yrs) with faults in my swing, even with some lessons along the way, I booked a video lesson with Darren. With the use of video, he compared my motions and positions to better players and corrected my mistakes and subsequently worked with me to refine the changes we were making. I only wish I met him when I was young as our great game would have been even more fun, less frustrating and would have taken some of my buddies $$$. Changes take patience and practice but I assure you his knowledge, guidance and instruction are well worth it, the best I have experienced.
John M

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