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Bobby Lopez

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Do you want to improve your swing and lower your score? Tired of getting to the green then 3-Putting your way to shame? Embarrassing yourself at every game? We’ve heard it all over the past 30+ years of teaching golf, including:


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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, we can help you improve your game and take your skills to the next level. The QuickFixGolf App features dozens of features to help you improve your golf game, including:

Live Virtual Lessons

Schedule and meet with a live PGA Instructor to receive personalized feedback on your specific golf game.

Swing Analysis

Submit videos of your golf swing to your instructor and receive specific drills that will help you improve your unique swing.

Quick Uploads

We've made it easier than ever to record and store your swing videos. Simply pull out your phone, record your swing, and save to your account.

Golf Academy

On the course and need to look up a specific drill? Our Golf Academy features dozens of articles and videos on every aspect of golf.

FREE VIRTUAL Swing Analysis

Get a FREE Swing Analysis with one of our instructors.

The best way to see the benefits of QuickFixGolf is to test out our program. That’s why for a limited time, we’re offering a FREE Swing Analysis from one of our instructors. No credit card or payment required.

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What People Are Saying About QuickFixGolf

"I really enjoy watching you break down golf swings! I actually have started working on my own swing just by learning the fundamentals on your website."

Jamie Fielden

"We do golf analysis and are a partner with the PGA of America and have over 3,000 coaches using the technology. I want to let you know the Bobby Lopez is right on with the use of technology and promoting the use of technology to increase lesson business and activity.

Gary Palis

"I have found that Quick Fix Golf's total focus is on the improvement of the individual student, as opposed to creating wealth for itself"

Roy D'Ardenne

FREE VIRTUAL Swing Analysis

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Get A Free Swing Analysis

Bobby Lopez

PGA Certified Instructor