Special Putting School

best golf lessons myrtle beachOnly six golfers will be permitted in this class so that each student gets all the attention they deserve.  Here’s everything you get for only $39…..

Learn how to determine how much break to play and proper distance control by applying the principles used in Direct Line Putting Systems.  Once the read is determined, Blast Motion Golf (explained below) will define the metrics needed to control how much energy is needed to hit the putt.  Other factors such as setup fundamentals and face and path control will be discussed in this 2-hour class.

Direct Line Putting System
The greatest green reading technique is The Direct Line Read, which identifies percentage or grade of slope.  The Direct Line Putting System Class is designed to show you how to get a reliable read with minimum training and practice. It’s the perfect balance of simplicity and accuracy by giving a dependable read using only one factor.  During the class you will learn:
·       How to identify the amount of slope that the putt rolls over
·       Determine the break for single plane putts of any length
·       Determine the amount of break for multiple plane putts of any length
·       How to estimate green speed and identify your Direct Line
·       Be able to determine the precise break direction of any length putt
·       Immediately be able to put this information into play

·       Class Notes emailed to you upon the completion of the class

Blast Motion sensors capture the putting metrics of what the stroke does and how to interpret the data to change the performance. Blast Motion has over 200 Tour Professionals using the sensor and over 100,000 strokes in its database. This database captures more strokes everyday as all strokes go to a cloud that they can access.  Using the sensor will allow you to:
·       Start the ball on the proper line with the correct speed to hole more putts and learn to eliminate three putts.
·       Manage uphill, downhill and side hill putts of various lengths.
·       Understand the value of correct timing as it relates to the putting 
stroke and how this affects tempo.
·       Creating proper alignment of the body and putter at address.
·       Creating practice stations to improve your putting.
·       Understanding stroke length and acceleration and how it assists the 
player in controlling distance
Class options are Thursday, May 16 (9:30 am to 11:30 am) at The Tupelo Bay Putting Green.  Cost is $39 and again only six golfers may attend no exceptions!  To join us take care of your tuition with any major credit card.