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golf-lessons-with-video-analysisOur focus is on the junior golfer that is serious about succeeding in golf.  Whether it be to use their golf game in business in the future or a successful career in high school or college golf.

At Quick Fix Golf we enjoy serving high school golfers that have moved on to college careers at schools like Michigan, William & Mary, Randolf Macon as well as award winning Golf “All Metro” Awards from the Richmond Times Dispatch.

We wish we could accept every junior golfer. Our focus is beginning in the eight grade through college.  To maintain our high quality we only accept junior golfers that qualify for our program.  Only during the Christmas gift season do we accept juniors in our one day golf academy’s held in early 2018 without per-qualifying.  No beginners please!

Your teaching professionals will be:

junior-golf-instruction-coachBobby Lopez PGA Pro with over 47 years of teaching experience and Jim Mason PGA Pro and Director of Golf at Pendleton Golf Club with over 30 years of teaching experience.

Jim and Bobby together make a one two punch not available anywhere else in experience and dedication to the juniors they teach.  We help scholarship bound student athletes.  We also like students with good grades in the classroom!

junior-golf-clubsWe offer a special one day golf school to be taken in either March or April that covers everything any high school golfer needs to begin a successful golf career. We have the latest technology available in our one day school of golf with on the golf course instruction included. Play nine holes with our pros after four full hours of instruction, (itinerary explained below). One thing you will certainly enjoy is our host golf course location, Pendleton Golf Club, just north of King’s Dominion off exit #110 on I-95 and just south of Fredericksburg.

Pendleton has the BEST facilities available for improving your golf game and for hosting the one day school of golf with on the golf course instruction. A huge driving range perfectly manicured, two practice bunkers and an approach shot area with an elevated green. (see the video below)

You still want to know more? Just continue below!

Here’s what the BEST one day school for juniors with golf fees included offers:

» First we start out with a classroom setting for orientation with a mapping out of the day. Seminar on the Quick Fix Method and an explanation of the curriculum that will be covered. We also cover course strategy, PGA tour stats and more.


» Then we go to the putting green. You need to improve your golf game from the hole back. Long putts, short putts. Strategies on how to avoid three putting. How to read any green, (even if they’re in Spanish).


» After putting we improve our chippingGolf-Instruction-Short-Game-Chipping-Putting-Bunkers and bunker shots around the green.
Saving par from off the green is vital t
o lowering anyone’s score. This is a very BIG key to the success of our program! Learn how to turn what is potentially three shots into two. Golf short game is like football. You have to covert on third down. Long putts, chipping and bunkers are a third down play!

» We then hit golf balls on the range and shoot show motion video of your golf swing. We’ll play back the videos on the big screen during lunch and discuss how to adjust swing faults. With Quick Fix Golf, improving YOUR golf swing is easier then trying to learn a whole new swing method. A separate personalized analysis will be e-mailed to you after the school with Quick Fix Golf swing drills assigned for your specific needs.


Junior schools are held from March through April at Pendleton Golf Club. Class starts at 10:00 AM. Usually held on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and/or Sundays. Your starting time for golf is about 2 PM. After nine holes with the pro you are free to play golf till you drop. Plus, we strictly control the number of students per class to only four.

Purchase your gift certificate and we will email you everything you need to give to your favorite junior golfer. A colorful gift certificate, a personal welcome letter from Bobby Lopez and Jim Mason, PGA Pros and a Special Report on what will be covered at the school and how to prepare for the intense game changing instruction.

A parent also MUST attend at no extra charge to drive
the golf car and take notes along the way, unless the student
has a valid driver’s license.

Get an instant rebate of $40 OFF our regular rate of $199, only $159. Use you major credit card or Paypal. Any questions call 804-378-7456 or e-mail bobbylopez@quickfixgolf.com

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Junior Golf One Day School


money-back-guaranteeMONEY BACK GUARANTEE! “The Single Most Powerful Golf Lesson You’ll Ever Experience,” is 100% guaranteed: if you’re not amazed at everything you discovered, aren’t clear on ways you can improve your golf swing virtually overnight, you can instantly have a full refund of your golf lesson fee – no quibbling, no hassles, no hard feelings.