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General Golf Knowledge Golf Quiz

There is a lot more to improving your golf game Golf-Lesson-On-Lap-Topthen just lessons on the range or lessons on the course.  That’s where our strategies at Quick Fix Golf will really help!  We help you play smart golf! 

Try our General Golf Knowledge  golf quiz below, as well as other quizzes on putting etc., to see how smart of a golfer you are now and where we can help you can improve.  As a part of our online golf game support we include quizzes that test your knowledge.  Why?  Because some folks do better when they see something in writing. 

We use visual on the tee with video analysis so you can see what you’re actually doing, (even though it might not feel that way) and couple that with our on course instruction in our one day school, our members only section is loaded with Special Reports, drills on video and more and then we offer quizzes to make sure you can recall this information when you need it most, on the golf course!

Have fun trying our sample introductory quiz.
(must score 70% and above to pass)

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