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One can comb the internet for all kinds of information on a golf injury, what to do about them, how to stretch before you play and more.  I’ve found from my own experience that injuries, just like golf swings, are as individual as finger prints and require personal attention from a professional that knows YOUR specific situation.

Just like trying the latest golf tip on line or in a golf magazine, the information you receive maybe be valid but not right information for your specific needs.

Our expertise at Pain Free Golf is provide a video analysis of your swing over the internet, (example below) where we can determine if you are performing an improper golf swing motion that could be the source of the problem.  No use treating the injury again and again if you continue to injure yourself by way of an improper golf swing motion.  We can also refer you to the best Chiropractic professional in your area for golf injury so you can get immediate treatment and professional advise.

Watch this perfect example of how we helped a golfer with golf injury alleviate pain and improve their golf game in only one session!

You can book a lesson with us in Central Virginia at $30 off or $49 or e-mail us a video of your golf swing today for a FREE first analysis!  We will slow your swing down and pinpoint the “gremlin” in your swing and refer you to the best professional Chiropractor in your area for treatment.  Below is a video that shows you how to video your swing properly.  Then just attach it to your email along with an explanation of the difficulties you’re having.  The initial analysis is always FREE!  No obligation!

How To Video Your Golf Swing Effectively

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