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We have Three Great Ways to Get Started. 
All with Deep Discounts that any Golfer Can Afford.

darren-demaille-pga-proYes I’ve been teaching golf for over 20 years and have surrounded myself with people who have done it the best, including Jack Nicklaus, Jim Flick, Martin Hall, Michael Breed, and Jack Druga, to name a few.  But, with the Quick Fix Golf concept I can relate and get results with the average golfer and the frustration that this game of golf can create. 

I’ve seen so many different swing methods in my career but Quick Fix Golf has by far the best, Your Method, with a few adjustments.  As we say, It’s Easier To Fix Your Swing Than Learn a New One!  Darren deMaille, PGA

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“Since I have started taking lessons from Darren I have seen definite improvements in my swing. Since I am an older golfer I had lost some distance and his adjustments have helped me gain some of that back. For some time, I have problems hitting my driver. Once again, his adjustments have helped me improve my drives.”  Bob Bailey, Myrtle Beach


We’re located at: Tupelo Bay Golf
South Myrtle Beach
1800 US-17 BUS, Garden City, SC 29576
For starting times call 843-215-7888



Golf Instructional advantages you can take advantage of at our Myrtle Beach Headquarters.

– Private Lessons with Video Analysis
– Workshop (group) Lessons
– One Day Golf School with On Course Instruction
– Golf Club Fitting with the Trackman
– New and Used Custom Fit Golf Clubs
– Golf Club Re-griping and Repairs

Get a Private Lesson with High Tech Video Analysis, Only $59

best-golf-lessons-myrtle-beachYou can select from a private lesson with video analysis at $20 off or only $59. You would normally need $79, your smile and your golf clubs, and you would be on your way to playing better golf, BUT NOW… you only need $59 to make significant improvements in your golf swing.

Plus, you get the video of the lesson so you never forget what you learned.

Regular price $79 but now only $59 when you use the discount code myrtlebeach.

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UNLIMITED Workshop Lessons only $19 per monthshort-game-golf-school!

You are also welcome to join in on one of my “Workshop Lessons” FREE!

You can experience the friendly atmosphere and the easy to understand instruction that doesn’t require a slide rule. Workshop lessons are held at Tupelo Bay Golf Center on:  Tuesdays 5:15 pm, Wednesdays 11:15 am, Thursdays 5:15 pm, Fridays 11:15 am, Saturdays 11:15 am

To book a FREE guest session just use the discount code workshopguest.

One Day Golf School with On Course Instruction $159

This is how we got started in 1990. A full day of golf instruction along with a great time you will not soon forget. Why? Because you’re going to get the video of your instruction, special drills assigned that are specific to your golf swing needs. 

We start with a classroom discussion, short game instruction, video analysis on the range, lunch and then nine holes with our pros.

Also, few golfers have ever played on the golf course with a PGA pro to get the insider secrets you can only learn from an experienced professional. In fact, many golfers pay $5000 and more to play in a pro-am tournament on the Champions Tour, without any personalized instruction.

Dates available for October in Myrtle Beach are:
Sunday November 18th and Monday November 19th
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 Golf Club Fitting with the Trackman $59

You can NOT find a more accurate system for fitting golf clubs than the Trackman.  Touring pros everywhere trust the Trackman to maximize their golf club performance.  You may apply the $59 session fee towards the purchase of golf clubs.

Just book any private lesson position and we will turn it into a fitting lessons right on the spot.  Make sure you use the discount code myrtlebeach to get the $59 price.
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Junior golfers in the Myrtle Beach area or online, that aspire to earn a college scholarship, would do well to visit Darren or send in a video for analysis.  Take a look at the improvements in this young lady’s swing.

Here’s an analysis with Darren and Bobby with Darren’s student Patrick “Pit Bull” Wilkinson, aspiring to be the next long drive champ.

Here’s a sample video of Darren adding distance on this now happy lady golfer.

Darren uses the V1 video capture system which is the best in the industry and you get the video of the lesson along with special “Quick Fix” drills assigned specifically for your swing, so you never forget what you learned and what you have to improve on.

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golf-lesson-guarantee-28-years-in-businessmajor-credit-card-imageToll Free (833) 88-QUICK

money-back-guaranteeMONEY BACK GUARANTEE! “The Single Most Powerful Golf Lesson You’ll Ever Experience,” is 100% guaranteed: if you’re not amazed at everything you discovered, aren’t clear on ways you can improve your golf swing virtually overnight, you can instantly have a full refund of your golf lesson fee – no quibbling, no hassles, no hard feelings.