Golf Lessons for Beginners

golf-for-beginnersI would Love to Play Golf….But Golf is Too Hard
……Not Anymore!

Traditional golf instruction for beginning golfers has failed for 562 years! Approximately 3 million new golfers begin their journey to becoming a golfer every year and an equal amount of three million golfers leave the game every year.

Traditional instruction for beginners has much to blame for this fact.

Trying Deane-Beman-golf-teaching-systemto hit a golf ball for the first time can be so frustrating under traditional teaching methods that individuals are discouraged from going further. 

Deane Beman, (PGA Tour Commissioner for over twenty years and past winner on the PGA Tour as well as twice US Amateur champion and British Amateur Champion) recognized the problem and built a curriculum to address the need.

Quick Fix Golf is the only authorized instructor for this special Deane Beman curriculum. deane-beman-trophy

You can’t get this exclusive program anywhere else!!!!

What Mr. Beman determined was that there is clearly a better way of introducing beginners than the traditional way used by most instructors. Students introduced through Mr. Beman’s System were twice as likely to become active golfers. Students are much more likely to become golfers if they are committed to a specific program rather than casually taking a few lessons to see if they “like it.”

deane-with-trophySo that individuals interested in golf can experience the difference for themselves, we are offering a trial lesson for only $9 with no obligation. Find out if Mr. Beman’s curriculum is everything we say it is. To sweeten the pot we’ll add a Money Back Guarantee.

Quick Fix Golf offers more than just the Deane Beman program.  We offer all the assistance any beginner will appreciate in getting started playing golf.  Our headquarters, Tupelo Bay, is the best facility to get any beginning golfer started.  Covered and lighted driving range and lighted par three golf course for evening play.  You will quickly graduate to the friendly par 58 executive course at Tupelo in no-time with Mr. Beman’s system.



MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! “The Single Most Powerful Golf Lesson You’ll Ever Experience,” is 100% guaranteed: if you’re not amazed at everything you discovered, aren’t clear on ways you can become a happy lifelong golfer, you can instantly have a full refund of your golf lesson fee – no quibbling, no hassles, no hard feelings.

This opportunity is available at Tupelo Bay Golf Center 1800 S Highway 17 Business Garden City, SC 29576 on the following dates and times.

Friday May 24th, 9:30 am
Friday May 31st, 9:30 am Saturday June 1st, 9:30 am

Any questions? 833-88-QUICK (78425)

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