Golf is the Game of Business

Golf is the Game of Business

We’re starting something brand new at Quick Fix Golf.  I would like to feature at least once a month, or hopefully twice a month, one of our lesson members. The purpose is NOT to talk about how great Quick Fix is or how they’re finally scoring under the low thousands!

The purpose is to promote what they do for a living or what community project they’re in.  For instance, I am proud to say that I’m a Rotary member.  Rotary does everything it can to help the community as well as their excellent work with Polio victims.

lisa-wright-neriumWe’re featuring this week Lisa Wright.  Lisa has served our community as a Police Officer, (currently holding the rank of Captain).  Soon to retire after 27 years of service she has started a new venture which fits her abilities perfectly.  Here’s the important part.  So does GOLF!

I tell my students all the time, keep business cards in your golf bag!  You just don’t know who you are going to run into at the golf course.   When I’m giving lessons I always ask what the student does for a living, what’s their hobbies and try to remember who else in our group would benefit from their abilities.  If you’re in any kind of sales position your crazy if you don’t make the effort to let everyone know what you do.

I also suggest you be suave about it.  Don’t jump down anyone’s throat!  Just let them know first what you do, enjoy the golf game and try and build a relationship.  I’m writing a full Special Report on this topic and will email it out shortly.

NeriumIn Lisa’s case, she has jumped on broad with an Inc. 500 company called Nerium International.  Al though you may have heard of other companies  that offer a miracle cream, Lisa has convinced me that this is NOT the case with Nerium. You can read all bout the secret of the product here  With the baby boom generation panicking over what they now see in the mirror, Lisa’s timing is perfect.  There are also some positive effects to the entire body in increased energy and more.

All products are clinically researched, medically backed (Princeton University after 20 years of testing), patented and all natural/botanical so EVERYONE can take/use them. 

You can get to Lisa’s website by going to  Lisa has a complete group of products and they’re not just for the ladies!  Yes guys, the ladies will like you better if you took a little better care of your face.  Some extra energy wouldn’t hurt either!

If you’re a member of Quick Fix Golf, I will be sending you an email asking you if you and your business would like to be featured on our Blog.  No charge and you don’t owe me any commissions!

Oh yea I forgot about our junior golfers!  I always tell them about how golf will help them in any career they choose.  They don’t have to become golf pros.  Playing a respectable golf game will help any newcomer to the work place.  It could make the difference between getting hired or not. Nothing like a few hours on the golf course with the boss having a cold one, (once you’re old enough).

Stay tuned for the next member we feature.  They might have a business that could help you!