Used Golf Clubs


Properly Fitted or Rebuilding Your Current
Set of Used Golf Clubs Could Be Better Than New!

Used Golf ClubsToday’s economy offers tremendous opportunities to pick up some great bargains in used golf clubs.  Whether you get them off a friend or buy them on Ebay.  We take trade-ins so you might find that it’s worth trading in your used golf clubs and get a brand new set of Callaways! trade-in-golf-clubsIf you’re still attached to your used golf clubs, maybe a change in configuration for as little as $299 will lower your scores.  We can rebuild your existing set of golf clubs by adding high performance shafts for increased performance in distance and consistency.

used-golf-clubsWhen we re-shaft your used golf clubs for you we actually rebuild the entire golf club from the ground up.  We can also have the heads from used golf clubs refinished to look like new again.  The shaft is the engine of the golf club so installing the proper shaft for your golf swing is of the utmost importance.

In some cases, we find during the used golf clubs fitting process that the current set you own or just purchased fit your golf swing perfectly.  If that is the case, we will tell you as much. You can have confidence in our professional opinion and honest advice.  Take a look at this three part video on rebuilding a set of used golf clubs. 

The first step is to enjoy a used golf clubs fitting session where we can determine exactly what configuration works best for YOUR swing.  Once you witness for yourself the improved performance of a high performance shaft that fits your swing we can begin rebuilding your set to “O Tolerance” specifications.

used-golf-clubsTo re-build your used golf clubs we will do the following:

1) Remove all the existing golf shafts.
2) Clean out the hosels on your club heads
3) Bend the lie angles on your golf clubs before assembly.  Lie angle will affect swing weight and should be done prior to assembly.
4) Weigh out your existing golf club heads to measure for accuracy in weight differentials as well as weigh out all other components such as shafts and grips.
5) After all weight adjustments are completed we begin to reconstruct the set of golf clubs to the proper weight, swing weight, length, shaft flex and grip size.
6) Once your golf clubs are ready for delivery we ask you to to hit some balls with the clubs to double check the club fit and performance. used-golf-clubs

Grip sizing on used golf clubs can be equally important.  A grip that is too large for your hand would cause you to push the ball out to the right.  The reason being that a  large a grip makes it difficult for you to rotate the golf club through impact.

To inquire more about having your used golf clubs fitted properly call 804.378.7456

For more information on club repair or re-gripping click here.

If you would like to book a dynamic fitting lesson fir used golf clubs in Central Virginia, click on the banner below with your 100% satisfaction guarantee.  The fitting lessons is $79 and can be applied to any purchase new or used.