The Long Golf Driver – Palo Grande!

The Long Golf Driver – Palo Grande!
(The Big Stick!)

Would You Like To Add Distance
To Your Tee Shots INSTANTLY!

What you need is a longer driver…..El Palo Grande!  You can’t just make it longer. You have to balance it out properly.  I’ve experimented and researched with experts in the field.  Now I can offer you the same advantage I have off the tee,  Longer Drives with El Palo Grande!

I quickly realized that I needed more distance to be competitive.  Maybe because I’m getting older, yea I guess that’s it.  However, after talking to experts in the long driver field like former PGA tour player Terry Dill, I found that ALL golfers can benefit from a longer driver IF it is configured properly.  Terry says he increased his average drive by 17 yards and won more money on tour because of it!

Seventeen yards on average may not seem like a lot but where you used to hit a four iron to the green you could now potentially hit a six!

The longer and lighter craze is prevalent in Japan and now many of the same manufacturers are selling their Japanese versions in the US at top dollar!  Companies like Callaway, XXIO and others.

Will you sacrifice accuracy?  Maybe but who cares when you’re 20 yards behind everyone else.

A personal fitting with our launch monitor will determine which configuration would be best for you.  It might be 47″ or 48″ long, 9.5 loft maybe 10.5 loft with stiff, regular or senior shaft. 

Take a look at this two video below. (Yes we have it in Left Handed too!)

The typical driver weighs about 315 grams at about 45 inches long.  Our Palo Grande weighs only 275 grams at 48 inches long! 

The math is: for every 10 grams you lighten the golf club you should pick up about 1 MPH of club head speed which equates to about 3 yards.  Our Palo Grande, being 40 grams lighter, should produce 12 more yards for you. We’re not done!

The length is also a factor.  What engineers call angular acceleration.  You should pick up another 1 MPH per inch so a 48 vs a 45 inch golf club will produce another 3 MPH or 9 yards.  Add the two together and you could experience an additional 21 yards off the tee with the Palo Grande WITHOUT changing your swing!

With that performance, after your tee shot, you too will be screaming “Hay hay hay!”

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