Single Length Golf Clubs

Have you heard of Bryson deChambeau and his unique golf clubs configuration?

Maybe not so unique?  At Augusta National there is a set of golf clubs Bobby Jones used to win the gram slam that were single length golf clubs.  That was I think around 1933 so this concept is nothing new.

A traditional multi-length set of golf clubs varies the weight of the head to accommodate the length of the golf clubs where in the single length golf clubs all the club heads weigh the same.

The only way to know if you would benefit from single length golf clubs or any other kind of adjustment to your current golf clubs you might need is to experience one of our “fitting lessons“.  Yes it might be your golf clubs and it might be you!  We can handle both better than anyone else in Virginia, promise.

Below are the links to the process we went through in developing our version of single length golf clubs.  Oh by the way, if you have a bad back, single length golf clubs is the way to go period!

Here’s single length golf clubs part I
Here’s single length golf clubs part II

Here’s single length golf clubs part IV
Here’s single length golf clubs part VII


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