Junior Golf Clubs

buy-golf-clubs-onlinePGA teaching professionals agree that correctly fitted junior golf clubs
is the most important factor
in a junior golfer’s development.

Jim Mason PGA Pro and 25 year veteran of teaching junior golf says: “I highly recommend the Acculength golf clubs.  Kids grow so quickly that buying a new set of junior golf clubs every year is beyond most parents pocket books.  The Acculength golf clubs should last you about four years before you need to move up to a longer configuration thanks to their patented “spacer technology” that allows you to expand the golf club as your son or daughter grow.”

Jim Mason, PGA Author of, How To Teach Your Kid How To Play Golf and Save Money
Watch this golf webinar we did on How To Get Your Kid Started Playing Golf.

junior-golf-webinar from Bobby Lopez on Vimeo.

It provides them a better chance to get the ball airborne consistently and is critical to proper swing motion.  For instance, a golf club that is to heavy will sacrifice good balance in your child’s swing.  Junior golf clubs that are too short can promote negative back issues.

That’s why just cutting down an old golf club out of the garage will do more damage that the savings will bring.  The shaft will be very stiff making it almost impossible for your youngster to elevate the golf ball and will loose interest in the game.

junior-golf-clubsThe lie angle, or angle on a set of junior golf clubs is vital!  An improper fit for lie angle will cause bad habits in grip, swing path and balance which could imbed bad habits your child might spend years repairing.  For every 1/2 inch you lengthen a golf club you increase the lie angle by one degree more upright.



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