Golf Club Repair


Golf Club Repair – Don’t fret over a broken golf shaft, a little sky mark
on your new golf driver or the need for custom fitted golf grips.

It happens all the time to touring pros.  That’s why they have the tour van out there to serve for immediate golf clubs repair.  We find a lot of graphite shaft breakage, especially in the softer flexes like senior flex.  The thinner the wall of the golf shaft the more likely it could break.  Even more so with graphite shafted irons with all the pounding they take hitting the ball and the ground so they require golf club repair.

We will get all your golf club repairs needs done Golf-Club-Repair-Metal-Woodsright.  The quality of our work is what we concentrate on, not the volume.

Our high quality golf club repair will match prices with anyone in town, so you don’t have to pay a premium to get one.

We do not carry the enormous selection of grips like a box store, but you can buy your grips anywhere and bring them to us for installation.  We’re happy to serve you.  Only $2 each for top of the line professional sizing and installation.

We have traditional and cord grips and will post our new models for 2014 shortly.

We make adjustments to the lie angles of the golf clubs. The cost for bending a set of irons, (eight golf clubs) is $39.

Golf-Clubs-Repair-Lie-Angle-Bend-Richmond-VABending your lie angle is the BEST investment you can make in your golf clubs. From the diagram below you can see how too flat a lie angle will cause you to push the ball out and away. Too upright will cause you to pull the ball.

Grip sizing can be equally important. 

A grip that is too large for your hand could cause you to push the ball out to the right. Too large a grip also makes it difficult for you to rotate the golf club through impact.

To inquire about the cost for golf club repair call 804.378.7456