Tiger Woods Misses Golden Opportunity!

Tiger Woods Misses Golden Opportunity!

In my opinion, Tiger Woods missed a golden opportunity to better himself, his image and his standing with his peers had he stepped up to the plate and disqualified himself. If money was the issue, I believe he would have gained income in endorsements from companies that dropped him in the past. Of course this is all easy for me to say, I wasn’t playing, however Tiger displayed in my estimation a lack of understanding of the true mission of a legacy.

The legacy is not only beating Jack Nicklaus on majors. In fact, I believe he will have an increased opportunity to do that in his later years due to his tremendous training and conditioning. The legacy should be what you contributed to the game!

Bob Toski once told me, “don’t forget that no matter how good you get, you’re never bigger than the game of golf.”

Had Tiger stepped forward and said, “if it is deemed that I violated a rule, my apologies. Having signed an inaccurate score card I should disqualify myself.

He would have shown himself to be a gentleman and displayed a true respect for the tradition of the Masters.

As for the Masters officials that did NOT disqualify Tiger shame on you! Ben Hogan is turning in his grave. Was it the potential loss in television ratings that influenced you? Did you not take into consideration that Tiger had a similar incident in Dubai? He was penalized two strokes for an improper drop and missed the cut because of it.

The good news is that the game of golf still won with such an exciting finish without any single individual as the highlight as it should be.

The Masters got what it wanted…and it was exciting!

The Masters got what it wanted…and it was exciting!

Make the golf course long,  grow the grass to perfection, (almost too much on the 15th hole) and you get the crew bunched up at the end with a ton of guys tied for an exciting finish.  Not much different than Nascar.

I think that they lost something in not have the surface just before the green on 15 hard and fast like in the past.  It was fun watching balls that barely got over roll back in the water.

I heard an interview with Doug Ford, past Masters champion in 1957.  He talked about how the condition of the golf is far superior today than when he played.  He claimed, “they made it look like a park”.  He talked about how areas that were unplayable are now perfectly manicured.

Of course the one sad story was McElroy.  What happened?  Nerves.  Inexperience etc.  Once you get a just a little faster than your appropriate tempo, the wheels can come off the wagon.  He would have done better to swing a little slower and just bat it down the middle ad dare everyone else to catch him.  Of the kid that one would have caught him anyway but I’m sure he will learn from this and pick himself back up.

What my old coach used to tell me….get the “L” out of learn!

One other thing that bothered me.  What happened to the American dominance in golf?  There were a lot of foreigners on that leader board.  Maybe we need to take it up a notch?

What A Finish For Tiger On Friday!

What A Finish For Tiger On Friday!

I’m down in Ft. Lauderdale today and boy, has this place gone down hill. I turned on the radio and heard a show in some Haitian creole patua language.  If you’re going to have a show in South Florida, for Pete’s sakes SPEAK SPANISH!!!!!

Gang…what Tiger did today…that’s as good as it gets when it come to “grinding.”  Grinding is what tour golfers call it when you keep fighting in spite of all the less than perfect circumstances and overcoming less than perfect shots.

Out side of the great shot Tiger hit on 16, (one of the only holes he didn’t make birdie) he made chicken salad out of you know what and seemed to make birdies in spite of his ball striking performance.  That’s why Tiger was and is so good.  Nicklaus was the same way.

Golf is a game of misses.  Question is…how do you make the best out of your misses.  You’ve got to have the short game.  You have to have a very positive mental attitude and a keep understanding for how the ball will react on the putting surface.

Tiger’s recovery shot on 18 was fantastic considering it was in the rough which makes it more difficult to spin the golf ball.  He was smart enough to play the “cut” shot and not risk hitting a branch on the tree in front of him, even though he probably could have hit it under the tree with no problem at all.

Question is…can he keep this up tomorrow or will he find his rhythm and hit the ball pure.  Here’s what makes golf such a challenging game.  He might hit it great tomorrow and possibly not score as well!  That’s golf.

What a game!