Another Lady Junior Golfer Future Star

Gabrielle Cuellar now ads to this list of outstanding young
lady golfers heading for a full scholarship.

Why are we having so much success with young female golfers?  Two great reasons.  First they all have one common asset, their Dads.  Second, they have something you just can’t coach, desire!

I’m not mentioning Gabrielle to brag about our teaching.  It’s about her own desire and dedication to her golf game and the fine support from her Dad.  Gabrielle’s Dad Phillip attends every lesson and learns enough at the lesson to help his own game, (a really good golfer in his own right) as well as develop and eye for what Gabrielle is working on.

Gabrielle has great grades and a very bright future in whatever shes decides to do in life.  Golf is going to be a big bonus for her.  Golf IS the game of business!

Young lady golfers have a big advantage over the boys for College scholarship support due to Title IX regulations.  Gabrielle is well on her way to a full scholarship!  I’m sure Gabrielle will never forget the exciting experience she will have traveling with her college golf team. 

Congratulations Gabrielle and Phil and keep going.  You’re on your way!


 Thanks so much!!! You made her week!!!! She is Gleaming right now!!!  Thank you for all your help, because of your help is the only reason she is excelling. I have paid up to $150 a lesson with “top” instructors before we met you and she learned nothing. The best thing about it all, you keep it fun and keep her smiling. So it is very refreshing to have such a great golf coach for my daughter. When the weather breaks we will down to see you. Thanks again.
Phil Cuellar

Junior Golfer Success!

First there was one girl now there are two!

golf-lessons-for-kidsYou may remember Caitlin Cooper who is now beginning her golf career at Randolph Macon University.  We’re very proud of her!  Now we have another junior lady golfer coming up that is showing tremendous promise as well!

My goal is NOT to make them top tour players.  It might happen who knows BUT I find it even more important that they get a real education at a good school and lead productive happy lives.  Tour golf is a grind and I believe some parents put too much pressure on their kids.  Let them enjoy their journey in golf and not get too down on themselves when things just don’t the way you hoped.  That’s sports!

In both of these cases we have to give the Dad’s most all the credit because they are present at every lesson and gently support their daughters the right way.  You see there is still hope for America!

junior-golf-lessonsOur additional star is Jessica Rathbone and her Dad Roger who is a Physical Therapist.  Jessica has show a very keen ability to make changes and understand why she’s making them and is a very hard worker.

Just like Caitlin she has that ability to bounce back from a bad hole or bad round.  That’s something you can’t coach, they just have it or they don’t.

Jessica just finished third in a tournament on the Peggy Kirk Bell Golf Tour
Greater Richmond Classic held:   June 11/12  at Magnolia Green Golf Course, Moseley, VA. This course is rumored to be the third toughest course in Va.
Finish:  3rd. In the Prep (High School) division distance 5800 yds ( 73.1/136)  Shot 88 day one but came on strong Sunday to shoot a 79 to secure 3rd place.

Jessica was playing with girls that were older than her for the most part so there is a lot of room for advancement.  Most of all….she’s a great girl with good grades and a very polite manner to her.  The kind of girl anyone would want for a daughter and that goes for Caitlin too.

I am very fortune to have the opportunity to attempt to bring something positive to their lives.  Give them all the credit and don’t forget Dad!

Golf Lessons for Kids Richmond Va

Junior Golf Lessons

On June 4th from 9:30 Afather-son-golfM until 11:00 AM at Patterson Golf Park, (12586 Patterson Ave just east of 288) Quick Fix Golf will be holding a golf camp for kids with golf pros Bobby Lopez and Kania Burnette.  The first class will be for youngsters ages 5 to 7 featuring the SNAG golf system. (Starting new at golf)

Watch this video to see what Snag is all about.
Snag Golf Training Video

golf-lessons-with-video-analysisOn the same day in the afternoon from 1:00 PM until 2:30 PM junior golfers that are ages 8 to 12 years old will enjoy a golf camp by our same professionals on the driving range with live ball flight and video analysis of their swing.  The student’s video will be emailed to the parent along with suggestions and drills for improvement.  To see a sample lessons with video analysis go here.


To book and buy online just go to


How To Get Your Kid Started in Golf

How To Get Your Kid Started in Golf

Get Your Kid Playing Golf for Success

Whether you have a young child that you want to get started in golf and you’re looking for junior golf lessons, or you have a student golfer who shows potential to go on to a college career in golf, we can help.

We’re seeing a drop off in contact sports like football due to sever head injuries.  Golf is not only a safer sport but it also opens door for the future in business contacts. Here’s how to get your kid started in golf.

how-to-get-your-kid-started-in-golfFirst lets address the younger golfer getting started for junior golf lessons.  Here is a golf webinar that will help, headed by PGA Pro and 25 year veteran of serving junior golf lessons, Jim Mason. (Webinar Below)

At Quick Fix Golf we have enjoyed serving some high school golfers that have moved on to college careers as well as award winning Golf All Metro Awards from the Richmond Times Dispatch.

junior-golf-webinar from Bobby Lopez on Vimeo.

How To Get Your Kid Started in Golf – by Jim Mason PGA Pro