What’s the Right Down Swing Sequence?

Once You Start Your Downswing Wrong, You’re Toast!

Golfers work on so many different aspects of their golf swing in swing plane, grip, hip turn, while ignoring the fact that if you start your downswing in the wrong “sequence”, all the other work you’ve done is lost.

So many golfers are under the impression that the first move on the down swing is a transfer of weight or shifting to the front foot.  Not true.  I attended a clinic Chi Chi Rodriguez was giving and a person from the audience asked, “Chi Chi, when do you transfer your weight on the downswing?”  Chi Chi said, “there is no transfer of weight on the downswing,” and the crowd made an ooohhh sound like on a missed putt at a tournament.

I was so relieved to hear it from someone else.  Chi chi said he turns on the downswing, not shift.  You might say that Chi Chi is an old timer like me and things have changed with the new long hitting youngsters of today’s tour.  Well here’s a link to a video on Justin Thomas showing he has 93% of his pressure on his back foot at impact!  Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXMLjljbWMo

The only thing that has changed is the golf clubs, the balls and the younger players of today are much better athletes than in earlier years.  Bigger, stronger and faster club head speeds, period.

If you get the sequence of the downswing in proper order, than you can produce the maximum amount of golf club head speed for your capability.  On tee shots, having a longer and lighter driver will help.  After you max out on equipment fitting, you have to head for the gym for more club head speed.

For most senior golfers I suggest faster forearms.  A lighter grip and a good rotating of the forearms through impact.  A word of caution, starting with a weight shift to the front foot FIRST on the downswing will prohibit the forearms from rotating properly, add loft to the golf and consequentially cost you distance.

The feeling I get on the downswing, (remember as they say on tour “what you feel may bot be real”) is that I am pulling the butt of the golf club straight down to the ground not at the ball and the left cheek of my fanny is headed for my back foot.

Check out this video which explains exactly what I’m talking about….

The Tennis Swing Vs. The Golf Swing

Is the tennis swing anything like the golf swing?

Well I think the back hand tennis swing is very much like the golf swing.  I’m going to prove it to you with the video below of a tennis pro in New York, Chris Porte.  Chris sent us a video of his back hand questioning whether I thought the two swings had any similarity.  Here’s his email:  (Please see the followup email he sent after the analysis below)

Hi Bobby, we emailed back and forth some time ago; I coach tennis in NY City. I just watched your video on letting the arms swing while keeping the shoulders turned-you used Garcia. It reminded me of the my handed backhand where I let the arm swing freely AWAY from me-the body followed. Is that fair to say? Chris

I’ve been hammering away at all my kind and patient student members about how the arms work independent of the body on the down swing. Also on how you MUST be behind the golf ball not on top of it.  (Golfers build their golf swing on top of the golf ball because some idiot told them to keep their head down and not move it.)

If you are right handed it is your left shoulder you want to line up with the golf ball not your head at address and at the moment of impact.  Yes with the shorter golf clubs the ball moves back in the stance which gives the appearance as if the shoulder is past the ball but it’s not!  The shorter golf clubs, (8,9,pw,gw,etc.)  are built with shaft lean forward to accommodate the steeper angle of attack.  The shorter golf clubs have a steeper lie angle or are more upright.  (pictured below)


The golf club is swinging from your front shoulder not your head!  Getting your front arm, and club shaft all in straight line at impact, is the challenge.  Take a look at the picture at impact.




In order to accomplish any of these positions above you MUST get comfortable with having your head positioned well behind the golf ball at address or allow it to glide with the swing motion back and forth but NOT up and down!  Take your pick.  Either method will work.


Here’s the video I sent to Chris.

Here’s Chris comments after the video.

Hi Bobby, Thanks for doing the analysis! I’ve forwarded it to golf and tennis buddies and everyone enjoyed it with even some “aha, that makes sense” I’ve looked at virtually all the top instructors’ videos and you really are among the very best, if not THE best.
I’m 57 and playing on a torn meniscus (only very part time coaching and volunteer work) but grew up on lawn tennis at the old US Open Club in Forest Hills-I’m still a member; many open championships won over 4 decades, rankings, credentials, but here’s the thing-started with a weak Continental grip when I was five, which encouraged underspin slice but had good coaching a few years later and developed the stroke you see-it can be done!
Anyway, thanks again, of course show it to your students, and if you are in New York please do call on me-would love to have you as my guest at Forest Hills. ps Bob Dylan performing in our antique stadium in July.


To get a FREE analysis of your golf swing just visit our page at https://quickfixgolf.com/golf-lessons/online-golf-lesson-free/ for simple directions.


Didn’t Jack Nicklaus say, “Keep Your Head Still?” – Yea right!

Keep Your Head Still

How many times have you heard, “keep your head still!”  In fact, Nicklaus might have been the one to tell you that.  Isn’t Jack Nicklaus the best golfer ever? Shouldn’t we do without question anything he says? Well?

Take a look at this video analysis below which demonstrates that Nicklaus moves his head, like it or not, and so do a lot of other PGA touring pros.  The key element to control is your front shoulder and arm.  Oh yea and your back hand too!  Those are the three elements that need to line up perfectly at impact, not your head.

Golf is a back handed game which is why your golf glove is wore on your left hand, (right hand for lefties).  If you can create a wide enough coil in your back swing to produce power without moving your head, more power to you.  You must be the rubber band man!


Be Careful with a Golf Tip!

Be Careful with a Golf Tip!

There is a flurry of golf tip sites all over the internet and more growing everyday. Join our group they say, and you can search our golf tip vault from the best players in the world.  There is one BIG problem with that.  Which golf tip is right for your swing?

How many of you would go online about a medical condition you have, look at the different medications suggested and then start taking them all, one at a time.  You might literally kill yourself from a bad reaction.  Same thing applies here.  Be careful with a golf tip!

The golf tip vault has no idea how YOU swing the golf club.  What can be a great tip for one could be poison to another.  Plus you might not have considered that these sites are using the golf tip to make money off of you and the pros!  The golf tip is bait to attract you as a customer to their merry go round chasing the latest gimmick that will take you to the promise land of golf and a possible invite to the Masters.  Yea right!

Here’s the really dangerous one.  A Golf tip from your playing pals.  Maron!  That well meaning friend may have tried something with his/her golf swing that worked for them but could be to your total detriment.

That’s why we insist on you taking your cell phone, doing a “selfie” of your golf swing and emailing it to us at quickservice@quickfixgolf.com so we can see YOUR swing.  Only by seeing you in action can I or anyone else determine what group of drills could do the trick.  Even then we might have to tweak the “medication” a bit, (shift drills) to get the kind of lasting results we’re looking for.

A golf tip can be very helpful if it’s the right tip.  There is nothing like being with you personally but your sending us a video of your swing, is next best thing.  That way we will prescribe the right golf tip for your game.  Watch this sample below.

If you would like to get your very own FREE video analysis of your swing just go to https://quickfixgolf.com/golf-lessons/free-golf-lesson-online/


Playing Golf Shouldn’t Hurt! – Golf Injury

Playing Golf Shouldn’t Hurt!

Ever wondered why so many golfers today are complaining about back pain?  Golf injury seems to be prevalent these days.  Could it be the over emphasis of using your body to hit the golf ball further the cause of your golf injury?  I would argue that not only does over emphasizing the body movement in a golf swing create a potential disaster for your spine, but it also causes inconsistencies in your golf swing.

Yes, on tour the emphasis is power golf today.  My friend Max Castro, former All American at the University of Miami commented how, while watching players on tour this week in Tampa, so many of them seemed to just knock the snot out of the golf ball with very little shot making.  As windy as it was, Max said, still the guys were hitting it high and far almost ignoring the wind.  In our day, we would be making every attempt to hit knock down shots to keep the ball out of the wind.  Sort of like Doug Sanders, (popular tour player in the 60’s and 70’s)

Some of this change in strategy is due to the ball itself!  Our golf ball of the 70’s had a much higher spin rate so the wind could reek havoc and magnify any side spin to increase a slight fade to a slice.  Equally, the increased spin rate would make it very difficult to hit into the wind.  Yes the equipment, course condition and most of all the golf ball have changed golf forever.

What I’ve done for you here is prepared a video showing the lack of lower body movement among a group of touring pros to show you that even they do not move their lower body that much in the golf swing.  In fact, is it not the younger players that stress “quiet knees?”  Even with this example, there is still a considerable amount of caution directed at golf injury.  Ask Tiger!

Stop trying to over emphasize the use of your back and your legs in your golf swing.  You’ll feel better for it and I would argue you’ll be more consistent and actually swing the golf clubs faster.  Here’s your video…….

How To Prepare To Play Golf

How To Prepare To Play Golf

I’m down here in sunny Florida, (just kidding it’s drizzling) and today I play golf with my old High School team mate Max Castro. I must prepare to play golf effectively for any hope of success.  Max was a very very good golfer in High School and decided to follow his Father’s foot steps as an Optometrist which was a very smart move. He has a very successful business.  You know what they say about the golf business, to make a small fortune in the golf business, start off with a big one!

prepare-to-play-golfI haven’t be able to even hit balls back home because of the weather so I made an effort to prepare to play golf as best I could for today’s round.

There’s a driving range with lights down the road at the Chi Chi Rodriquez golf course, (I’m staying in Palm Harbor just north of Tampa) so I went over to the range, after driving enough hours to give anybody a sore back, and bought the two biggest baskets they had,  I’m guessing about 125 balls each.  All in an effort to prepare to play golf.

I started out by just hitting balls with my 58 degree wedge, (heaviest club in the bag) about 50 yards with a BIG swing in slow motion.  After a about 25 of those I repeated the same motion with a 54 degree wedge and tried taking the golf club back as slow as I could.  It never ceases to amaze me how if you take the golf club back as slow as you can, you still can’t help but accelerate on the way down.  So, why do we all take the golf club back to fast?

After about 25 of those I started up the bag,  PW, then 8 iron, then six iron all while taking the golf club back as slow as I could and accelerating on the way down NOT the way back.  One thing I noticed is when you do swing the golf clubs back a little faster you definitely have to make that transition from one direction, (going back, to going down) to the other. That transition has a significant effect on which golf shaft you should have.

Once I made it to my four iron I was surprise at how well I could accelerate after taking the golf club back slowly.  We’ll see if I can take back slower on the golf course!

I started hitting five woods so I could enjoy some success with the longer clubs.  The additional loft of the five wood vs. the three wood helps your swing tempo.  You should attempt to swing your five wood just as you did your six iron.  The golf club is longer so the club head will naturally be going faster.

Yes I finally made it to the driver and after hitting that I went backwards to the five wood, four iron, six iron, eight iron and then back to the 58 degree wedge with a BIG swing in SLOW motion.

We’re playing at 1 PM which is perfect.  It’s now 9:30 AM and I will head out to the golf course and be there by 10:30 AM.  After going in to see the pro and thank him for his courtesies, I will get to work on the putting green.  Starting with 6 foot putts and in and then roll 25 and longer putts.  Hopefully they have a chipping area and maybe even a practice bunker.  If all that starts to feel right then I can head to the range and start the same process I did last night except that I will end my warmup with my driver last being that will be the first shot I hit for the day.

If you are accustom to NOT making an effort to prepare to play golf in an organized manner as just described, no wonder it takes you three or four holes to get going.

Get back to you tonight when I get home!

New Golf Video Drills

New Golf Video Drills

I’m in Crestview Florida right this minute heading to Tampa Florida.  I’m going to be filming some new golf video drills for our members only section of the website under Golf Drills Library.

If you have any suggestions for new golf video drills you might be interested in please let me know so I try and include your request.  For instance more dills on:

Over the top
SlicingKnock down shots
Hitting it fat

You name it.  Just email me at quickservice@quickfixgolf.com

Here’s a sample golf video drills for you that will help you get your body turning at the proper angle.  Remember the body turn is the camshaft of the engine in the golf swing.

Golf-Drill-Shoulder-Rotation from Bobby Lopez on Vimeo.

The new golf video drills will be a bit more in detail and listed differently.  For instance: If you have a problem with your body tilt at the top of your back swing, (what used to be called a reverse pivot, I will list three or four different drills that attack that one single issue.  Maybe drill one works for you, maybe drill two etc.  Sometimes a drills works better in harmony with other drills.  Do drill one on Monday, drill on Tuesday.  Go back to drill one on Monday.  Bottom line is you need to nag your swing fault in to submission and must choose the right weapon, golf video drill, to do it with.  A drill is described as  re-programing repair motion.

Weight lifters will follow a similar method.  They may use two or three different exercises all geared toward increasing their bicep strength.  The all serve a similar purpose and attack the issue from a different angle.

Golf Gift Ideas for Christmas!

Golf Gift Ideas for Christmas!

Having trouble with getting the right gift for the favorite golfer in your life?  Maybe we can help.  First you need to know what kind of golfer you’re buying for.  Are they a beginner?  Are they a long time golfer but not very good?  Maybe they’re a long time golfer that is competitive and plays in tournaments?  Is it a junior golfer or maybe a lady golfer?

I’ve broken down my suggestions by, “Do – Buys” and “Don’t – Buys”.  I also tried to fit into anyone’s budget.  You have gifts to choose form that start as low as $12.99.  Of course the sky is the limited when you talk top of the line golf clubs.  However, even in buying golf clubs be smart.  Now is the time most golf club companies try to get rid of their 2012 models to make room for the new 2013’s coming soon.

For instance, Callaway is now offering their Razr Fit Driver, (top of the line) for $299, (regular $399) and including a FREE fairway wood to match, ($249 value).
For details

For Beginning Golfers

Do – Buy: For Beginning Golfers – If you’re going to give them lessons, you need a bunch of them!  Beginners need a lot of volume upfront to get them over the hump and dedicated to golf long term.  With that, I would suggest group lessons.  Cost less so you can get more of them.  We have an Unlimited Lesson Program which is unique and offers a beginner the volume they need at a very affordable cost.  A 90 day membership of Unlimited Lessons is only $89 and a full year is $197. For details and to buy online go here.

Do – Buy: For Beginning Golfers – The Private Lesson with Video Analysis is a good buy for the $59 you spend on the one lesson but, you can get your beginning golfer Unlimited Group Lessons for a full 90 days for only $89, which will have a more positive impact on their golf game.  If you do decide on private lessons, think about getting more than one.  For details and to buy online.

Do – Buy: For Beginning Golfers – Less Than High Quality Golf Balls – The beginning golfer does not need $48 per dozen golf balls. The construction of a top of the link tour golf ball alone demands a golf club head speed of over 100 mph just to take advantage of the technology in the ball!  At Pendleton Golf Course they have the Pinnacle Gold Golf Balls 15 pack for only $19.50.  I have the Callaway HX Diablo golf ball with over run logos for only $12.99 but I would NOT recommend the logo ball for a gift.   The Pinnacle at Pendleton is a better choice.  For details and to buy online

Do – Buy: For Beginning Golfers – A golf gift certificate is very appropriate with the proper note attached.  Maybe something like; “I know you love golf so this gift certificate is to improve your enjoyment of the game you love”.  If it’s your boss, maybe you want to offer something like a lesson with a card saying you’re concerned about their enjoyment of the game of golf.  A gift certificate for a golf club, (where the golfer can be fitted properly before the purchase) is fine in any case.

Don’t – Buy: For Beginning Golfers – Golf Clubs!  For the beginning golfer, they would do better to get a golf lesson first and be properly fitted, even if the set is not costly or top of the line. The wrong configuration golf club can cause bad habits to develop that may discourage the golfer from play golf in the future.  Golf clubs need to be fitted to the golfer’s swing, not just their physical characteristics.  In the end, your golf club gift could collect dust in the garage.

Don’t – Buy: For Beginning Golfers – Golf Bags! Unless you know exactly which golf bag they want, I would stay away from it.  Golf bags are very personal to each golfer.

Don’t – Buy: For Beginning Golfers – Golf Shoes This may not seem like a bad choice considering the golfer can probably take them back to the store and exchange them.

Don’t – Buy: For Beginning Golfers – Accessories I would shy away from Golf gloves, teaching gadgets, distance finders (electronic measuring device that tells the golfer how far they are from the green) can all be difficult to please.  For these types of purchases use the gift certificate and they can get what they want.  Now, if you happen to know that your golfer is a BIG Redskins Fan, you could possibly look at some Redskin head covers for his/her woods.  Some golf stores sell golf towels with College and NFL insignias.

For The Average Golfer

The average golfer is one who plays maybe once or twice a week, can probably shoot a score below 100, (or at least claims he/she can) and already has a better understanding of what they need and use in golf equipment.  I would suggest….

Do – Buy: For Average Golfer – The Private Golf Lesson with Video Analysis is good buy.  We offer one lesson with video analysis at $20 off and you get an even deeper discount when you buy 4 and get the fifth lesson FREE, only $235. For details and to buy online

Do – Buy: For Average Golfer – One Day Golf School – This is by far our best seller every year.  Regular price is $199 but you get a discount during Christmas of $60 OFF or $139 and they can use it anytime during the year.

We start with a classroom discussion, then short game which is chipping and putting, then video analysis of their swing on the practice range, lunch and review of the video and then off to the golf course for a very unique format that reveals the golfer’s strengths and weaknesses.  This is the perfect gift for that golfer that is not totally dedicated to golf but would benefit from a full day of insider tips and secrets only the better players know.  For details and to buy online

Do – Buy: For Average Golfer – The Six Pack Green Fees at Pendleton Golf Club – You can’t loose with this gift.  For $199 you get six full rounds of golf at Pendleton along with the golf cart fees included.  That is a significant discount from the regular rates of $43 per round or $258.  Pendleton also offers a Six Pack Lite for $169 for six rounds of golf however this package is restricted to use on week days only.  For details and to Buy Online.

Don’t – Buy: For Average Golfer – Moderate Quality Golf Balls – Now this could be tricky. Your golfer may not be good enough to use the high quality golf balls but they think they’re that good.  You might offend them if you get them a less than top of the line golf ball and not be excited about using them.  Another consideration might be, if you buy them a top of the line golf ball which would cost you about $48 a dozen, they might not ever play with a golf ball like that again AND they might be disappointed when they can’t hit the ball hard enough to use the technology in the ball.  My suggestion, stay away from golf balls.

For The Accomplished Golfer

The accomplished golfer will be very impressed with you when you choose the right gift, even though you don’t play golf at all!

Do – Buy: For the Accomplished Golfer – The Private Golf Lesson with Video Analysis is a good buy.  We offer one lesson with video analysis as $20 off and you get an even deeper discount when you buy 4 and get the fifth lesson FREE, only $235. Even the best players in the world are working with a swing guru that constantly tinkers with their golf swing searching for that perfect balance. For details and to buy online

Do – Buy: For the Accomplished Golfer – The Six Pack Green Fees at Pendleton Golf Club – You can’t loose with this gift.  For $199 you get six full rounds of golf at Pendleton Golf Club along with the golf cart fees included.  That is a significant discount from the regular rates of $43 per round or $258.  Pendleton also offers a Six Pack Lite for $169 for six rounds of golf however it is restricted to use on week days only.  For details and to Buy Online.

Do – Buy: For the Accomplished Golfer – Top Quality Golf Balls.  I carry the Callaway Hex Black which is the same ball played on tour. They sell for $45.99 a dozen.  At Pendleton Golf Course they have the Pro V1 and V1X which is the most popular ball on tour at $48 per dozen.  If you get your golfer the V1 and he plays the V1X fear not, Pendleton will let your golfer exchange them at the same price.

Don’t – Buy: For the Accomplished Golfer – All the “don’t buys” for the beginning and average golfer hold true for the accomplished golfer as well.  Stick to the three basics, lessons, golf balls, green fees, gift certificate.  In fact, consider a gift certificate that is a VISA gift card where he/she can go to any establishment rather than getting a gift certificate at a golf shop that the golfer does not frequent or might find limited in the kind of equipment they use.  Really good golfers are really picky!

For The Junior Golfer

Do – Buy: For the Junior Golfer – Lessons, lessons, lessons, lessons.  I cannot over emphasize the need for the proper instruction for a junior golfer.  Building the proper fundamentals early will save years of frustration.
One interesting twist we offer is the ability for the parent to accompany the child during the lessons at no extra charge.

With our lesson being 45 minutes in length we have plenty of time to teach Mom or Dad at the same time.  Also it allows us to teach Mom and Dad what to look for in the golf swing so they can follow-up with the same processes we all learn together. To buy on line go here.

For The Lady Golfer

I would say that for the accomplished lady golfer the same would hold true as with men golfers.  In fact, I would follow the same suggestions as with the men.

In Summary

Hopefully you at least have a little better idea of what to or not to buy for your favorite golfer.  If you need any help finding something we don’t have, we would be very pleased to help you.

Just like Macy’s in The Miracle on 34th Street, we will send you to someone else if they have what you need.  We will even tell you about what you should expect to pay and give you all the details so you don’t a mistake and get the wrong thing.

For a non-golfer it can be very intimidating walking into a golf shop.  Pendleton Golf Course has a very friendly and helpful atmosphere.

You can reach Jim Mason, Director of Golf and Head PGA Professional at Pendleton at 804-448-4727.  You can reach me, Teaching PGA Professional at Pendleton 804-378-7456

Is There A Perfect Golf Back Swing?

Well, who knows?  There does seem to be a common path that a lot of the young successful players are following.  Doesn’t mean that Tommy “Two Hands” Gainey doesn’t do it and he’s very successful.

If you can get the golf club back to square or hit the ball where you’re looking, the ball is not going to complain.  The ball can only do exactly what you tell it to do! 

We look in this analysis how three different players are taking the golf club back in exactly the same manner.  It must be working?  I can show you more than only these three but in today’s busy world, who has time for that.  Look at these three: Jason Dufner, Matt Kuchar, Bubba Watson and Zack Johnson.

Again it doesn’t mean you have to do this to be successful or consistent.  Jim Furyk, put away the razor blades!  It’s OK.  There is so much more to being a successful tour player than a perfect swing.  So much of it is in your head.

I once asked Vincente De Vincenzo what it took to make it.  He said, “you either had to have a great swing or great faith.”  He then said, “great faith will be a great swing every time!”

Here’s the analysis.  Hope it helps your game.

Is Your Golf Swing Picture Perfect? Does It Need To Be?

The answer is…..only on the way down!  Having a picture perfect back swing only makes it easier to accomplish that very necessary picture perfect down swing.  However, this is only in theory.

Too many golfers spend years working on trying to make all the perfect swing motions shown in golf magazines and on TV, only to waste valuable years that you cold have been spent enjoying the game.  There are no points for technique here.  This is NOT the Olympics!

What about Lee Trevino, Jim Furyk, Tony Lema, John Daly, and yes even Sam Snead did NOT have a perfect back swing.  I remember seeing Sam for the first time in Miami at the Eastern Airlines Open and thinking, holy cow, he’s over the top on the down swing!  Not really, but I was only 14 then and learning.

Here’s an analysis of a very successful player, Jay Haas.  His back swing is certainly less than perfect.  It might be that one needs to have better tempo and balance to repeat a back swing that is not perfectly on the swing plane.  I have always said that great balance, rhythm and tempo will overcome swing faults.

Take a look at this analysis and see what you think.