A Special Thank You to All Our Students/Members

sauers-lopezA Special Thanks You to All Our Students/Members

I had a very exciting weekend in Ft. Lauderdale and it’s all thanks to you!   All the fine students we have that have supported us year after year is what made the weekend with Gene Sauers possible. It’s my turn to reciprocate with passing on the “insider information” of a touring pro golf lesson, to help you better enjoy this wacky game of golf we all know and love.

I can NOT thank Pat Robertson enough for putting Gene and I together.  No not the pastor, no relation, but I do consider our Pat a Saint.  Life long friend of Gene’s  doing everything he can to help Gene win on the Champions Tour.

I will be holding a webinar on Tuesday night at 7 PM.  I’ll show pictures, explain what we worked on and why it will help Gene be more consistent, (you too!).  I’ll also show you the new video capture software Gene introduced me to that we will put into practice this season.

All you have to do is go to https://join.me/quickfixgolf  Please get there around five minutes early so you have time to set up your sound to hear the webinar.  You will find a green bar across the top and one of the icons will look like a telephone receiver.  Click on that and then choose call by the internet.  That will allow you to hear and ask questions during the webinar.

I do NOT want to put this out on the internet.  This is only for the benefit of our fine students/members!  Tuesday night at 7 PM.

Every Golfer’s Dream…Shoot Your Age!

Every Golfer’s Dream…Shoot Your Age!

Well, Bill Wagner, (student/member of Quick Fix Golf) shot better than his age!  Bill is a very youthful 74 years young and shot a 71 at Providence golf course this past week.  Yes a 71!  Worse, yet he is going to improve even more!  After taking a lesson this week, (he was smart to come in after shooting the 71 to see what he was doing well) we found more room for improvement.

Bill is a pastor of a Baptist Church in Richmond and quite a Gent.  A student of the game and always asking questions, which I like.  When students ask questions it toggles my feeble brain, which makes sure I cover all the information you need and deserve.

All the best Pastor and maybe before the year is out we can boast of a 69 or better. (Oh yea, that no man should boast, sorry)

Hey, Bobby:

I want to give credit where credit is due.  Last night at Patterson you gave me pointers on my grip, backswing, and hip turn.  I tried to put them into practice today at Providence Golf Club and guess what–I shot a 71.  This included one eagle and three birds!  Three shots under my age!  Thanks for your patience with an old cogger. 

Hoorah!  (A little Marine Corps lingo there.)

Bill Wagner