Does Golf Get Harder As You Get Older?

Does Golf Get Harder As You Get Older?

I can testify to that!  Even if you had the same flexibility and stamina, you don’t have the same time on your hands.  When I was about 10 years old, I could walk to the golf course from my house and I didn’t come home until dark. Of course back in those days, a young kid could walk around safely.  I worked on my golf game all day without a care in the world.

As you get older you have so many distractions.  Responsibilities of life that have to be met.  Bills to pay and money to earn. I’ve seen players on tour with their entire family practically living in a van.  Now that’s hard!

The purpose of this conversation is to let you know that it’s OK to be easy on yourself in your golf game improvement.  You’re NOT doing it for a living so you should enjoy challenging yourself and accept the bad shots with the good ones.

This is also why I am a BIG believer in doing drills at home as often as you can.  You can’t get to the golf course and/or driving range everyday.    Logging a considerable number of reps at home will have a significant impact on your play at the golf course.  I promise.  I always have a golf club in the living room so I can do a drill during a commercial.  Of course the one downside to this is, my darling wife has a weapon easily available in case the wrong name comes up on my cell phone!  Naaaa, not a chance.

It’s Time To Get Started On Your Off-Season Improvements!

If it had it my way, I would be closed during the season and open during the off season.

Like any other sport today, it’s the off season that determines your performance for the coming year.  At the beginning of every off-season, Jack Nicklaus would visit his mentor Jack Grout.  They would literally start from the very beginning and go over every single detail of Jack’s fundamentals and re-build Jack’s golf swing from the bottom up.  I mean everything.  The very basics like grip, stance and alignment.  Even the most intricate details were not ignored or overlooked.
            This old Cuban has been giving golf lessons for a long time, and I have not been ‘playing’ the game I love.  So this year I have a goal to win “Senior Player of the Year” for the Middle Atlantic PGA.  If you have a goal of playing the best golf of your life in 2012 – let’s join together over the winter – and train for our goals.
            Attached, is a detailed discussion of what is involved with my winter training program – but let me provide you with a quick overview of the program:
Step 1:  Private lesson with video analysis and the mapping out of your personal off season program with exactly what YOU need to accomplish.  PLUS, complete charting of your golf club configuration.  Get more private lessons if and when you need them.
Step 2:  Newly formatted UNLIMITED workshop lessons.  I’m getting a portable simulator so we can play golf on the computer and compare your stats so we can monitor and measure your improvement.
Step 3:  Increase in hand strength and flexibility.  Easy exercises you can do at home.  No need to join a gym.
Step 4:  Monitored practice and play golf with me!  You will have my practice schedule and where I will be playing golf.  Join me on the golf course at no extra charge.
Step 5:  Brand new lesson kit that is specifically for this program only!  Chart your progress and document everything you did along the way, so you never forget what you learned.


Here’s a video on the subject.

FREE Special Report on “How To Be A Scratch Golfer By Spring!

FREE Special Report on
“How To Be A Scratch Golfer By Spring!

This is my favorite time of year for two reasons. One, it’s the Christmas holiday season, (of course Chanukah too!). The other, because it is a great time to reflect back on how you played golf in 2010 and what you’re going to do about in 2011. It’s time to take an honest assessment of what you did well, and need to maintain, and what you need to improve on over the winter so that you carve a few more strokes off your average from last year.

Notice I said HONEST ASSESSMENT! Teaching golf all day I see a lot of golfers who do not make an honest assessment of what the true issue is with their golf game. Golfers that gamble excessively like I used to as a kid, (because it was the best to make money when you’re poor like I was) look for the golfer who over reaches in his personal assessment. We used to call them our “sweet roll”.

This holiday season sit down quietly and take an honest look at your golf game this past year. Maybe you’re one of those patient consistent individuals that can religiously enter your stats in one of those software programs that calculates your averages of greens in regulation etc. I’m not, but I should. Of course I don’t play for a living anymore and most likely you don’t either.

I personally try not to get too technical. If you’re honest with yourself you know where your short comings are. Develop a maintenance plan for the things you did well and set up a game plan for improving where you need it most.

If you would like help just call me 804-378-7456. You can get a copy of my Special Report, “How To Be A Scratch Golfer By Spring” right here.