The New Kirkland Golf Ball

Costco is going to hurt the golf store business big time with this one!

Post image for The Case Against The Costco Kirkland Signature BallYou may have already heard and if you haven’t you’re going to now!  Costco is coming out with it’s own golf ball that will rival the TitleistV1 which sells for about $48 a dozen, for only $15.00 a dozen!

OK so if Costco sells a cheap hard cover ball that only a hacker might consider that’s OK and has been very acceptable in the market place for quite some time now.  In fact, now even Walmart sells Titlelist golf balls.  However I think most of their sales are probably the lower cost balls for their clientele of golfers.

But now, if Costco can in fact produce a top level golf ball equal to or as they now claim better than the Titleist V1 at less than half the cost, maron!  It’s going to make the quality golf ball experience and advantage available to all the average golfers out there.  I’m all for it!

You have to ask yourself one question? Why so cheap?  Or maybe has Titleist been ripping us all along?  My Golf Spy did an in depth test on the new Kirkland golf ball with launch monitors the works.  Performs in every way as well as the Titleist in spin ratios etc. accept for one thing.  IT GOES FURTHER!!!!!!!!

Here’s the link to the entire article.

They claim to be back in stock on December 20th so you better get to the Costco website and order quick because they will surely run out again.  Go to

Good luck getting some! 


New Callaway Golf Ball

New Callaway Golf Ball

You’ve heard me many times that you should consider hitting the same golf ball throughout the entire season.  Not for distance as much as for around the green.  You MUST get used to how the ball comes off the putter face, (recoil speed) as well as your chip shots and how the golf ball reacts when it hits the green.

Well, with the slow down in the sales of new drivers, you will see the golf club companies really focusing on the technology in the golf ball.  One of the downsides to that is the new golf ball every year syndrome.  You have to recalculate with your new golf ball the distance and short game performance.

With all this being said, Callaway is very excited about a break trough they’ve made with a new golf ball configuration (The Callaway Chrome Soft) that promises to offer the best of both worlds.  Generally the longer golf balls are hard and not very agile around the green.  A perfect example is the Pinnacle golf ball that mostly long drive contest golfers use.

The soft cover and core golf ball like the Titleist V1, the Callaway SR1,2,3 have the best performance around the green but usually cost top dollar as well. As much as $5 every time you hit a golf ball in the water, yikes!

I have no idea what the new Callaway golf ball is going to cost but I do have the preview video sent to me by Callaway that describes some of the features with Phil Nickelson.  The video does not mention the name but it will be the Chrome Soft.

Follow this Blog for an update once I have it.


What Golf Ball Should I Use?

What golf ball should I use?

Pick one golf ball and stick to it!  That’s my advice.  Why?  Because the golf balls today have so many different configurations, you need to find one golf ball you like and stick with it throughout the season.  Get ready to change to another golf ball the following year because the golf ball companies are constantly making changes.

I would stay away from any golf ball that claims to go straight.  Straight is just a code word for shallow dimple or reduced spin.  You might get more roll on a hard surface but you’ll loose considerable distance on a wet one.  Plus, you’ll have a tough time stopping the golf ball on the greens.

Find a golf ball you like the feel of when putting and chipping.  It’s the short game that counts!  Learn how your golf ball comes off the club face on your putter.  You’ll start leaving those long 40 foot putts closer and lower your score.

Below is a report that appeared in the PGA magazine last month about golf balls.  The PGA magazine goes exclusively to PGA pros to inform them on the latest traits in the industry.  This report will give you an insider view of what the industry is thinking you’re thinking.

Page one of the report on golf balls here

Page two of the report on golf balls here.






Have You Seen What A Golf Ball Does At Impact?

Have You Seen What A Golf Ball Does At Impact?

Below is a video from the Titleist company. Yes I’m a Callaway staff pro but the Titelist is of course a very good ball as well. In fact, I think there was a law suit at one time with the two companies fitting over the patents of each ball or the copy of one another’s balls etc. Still it is fun to see with the slow motion camera how the ball reacts.

Titleist also claims that the velocity of the golf club head is not a reflection of the compressing of the golf ball! What! You mean if I have a slower swing speed I don’t need a softer golf ball? Well they show as an example a 175 mph swing speed down to a 125 mph. Don’t know about you but I don’t have a 125 mph. Wish they would have tested 95 so most of us could fit in there.

I only have 18 dozen of the Callaway Hex Blacks left! A $46 a dozen ball for $19.99. Go to

Here’s the video, (click on the little arrows along side the speaker to enlarge)