Golf Trick Shot Show

golf-shows-speakerA Golf Trick Shot Show at your golf event puts a special touch on the day!

golf-trick-shot-show-golf-entertainerBobby Lopez is available for your golf event with a comedy golf trick shot show.  Better known as a golf trick shot show, Bobby ads another dimension with entertaining comedy.  Bobby has performed for the USO in support of our troops.  He also performed a golf trick shot show and provided the golf entertainment for Joint Chiefs of Staff General Dick Myers .

Bobby started as a youngster. He saw his first golf trick shot show at age 13, performed by Tommy Parks. Bobby learned his trick shot skills form Tommy as well as from the famous Paul Hahn Jr.  Paul Hun Jr is son of the first know and best know golf trick show artist Paul Hahn Sr. When I had to do a golf trick shot show in front of Paul Hahn Jr. I was panicked!  Paul and his Dad are the best!  Paul could not have been nicer and showed my so many of the insider secrets to performing a successful show.

golf-trick-shot-show“It’s not how great you hit the golf trick shots,” says Bobby.  “It’s making golf fun the same way that Victor Borge made classical music fun!”

Besides the golf rick shot show, Bobby produced is own radio golf show on ESPN sports.  You can listen to some past radio show clips below form Bobby’s show on ESPN sports radio. 


Radio Interviews

WRVA Radio Jimmy BarrettInterview with Jimmy Barrett the flagship at the flagship station in Richmond

Another interview with Jimmy Barrett with the Ba Ba Loo Music

Interviews on Fox Sports Radio

Interview with the Callaway Rep RD Dintaman
Interview with the Ping Rep
Interview with Kevin Kane – Virginia Golf Report
Interview with Jim Mason, PGA – Pendleton Golf Club
Interview with Jamie Fagan – Junior Golf Tour
Interview with Chris McNeil – Birkdale Golf Club
Interview with Ronnie Kelly – River’s Bend Golf Course
Interview with Gary Palis – Founder of V1 Video Capture Software

Clips from our prior radio show on ESPN

Name of Clip Description
Show Open How we open the show each week
Carl Walter Interview Long Drive Champion Carl Walter Golf version of
Ball Washer Story Idiots tried to wash their real balls in the ball washer
Mike Tate Created the Driver that Long Drive Champs use.
Susan Reed Show with Editor of Golf For Women Magazine
Dr. Whackitt Sex change for PGA to LPGA golfers
Sushi Putting Contest Lopez gives putting lesson at a sushi bar
Bad Dresser’s on the Course Bobby makes fun of how bad golfers dress
Duffy Waldorf Controversy Duffy Waldorf penalized by a viewer
Jim Nutty Operations Manager PGA Rules Expert for the Middle Atlantic PGA
Just a funny show
Hokey Girl Lady who complains about her breasts being too big!
Another funny show Typically funny show
Alligator Story Japanese golfer and arrigator!
Get rid of the belly putter Bobby’s opinion on the belly putter.