GameGolf will Improve Your Golf Game

You Need a Means of Measurement to Know What to
Work On and if You’re Actually Improving.

We’re going to add a new service for all our students.  An analysis of your GameGolf stats!  If you have a GameGolf system, (we have it available below at an excellent discount) you can have me do an analysis of your numbers either live online or by email.

Here’s some of the great features of GameGolf.

gamegolfHow it Works

  • PLAY

    GAME GOLF records every shot as you play and NEW GAME GOLF LIVE provides REAL-TIME shot tracking, as you play, for more fun on the course. Tracking happens in the background so you can stay in your game.

  • SEE

    Progress begins here. From tee to green, GAME GOLF collects every stat to give you a comprehensive overview of your golf game. NEW Strokes Gained Analysis and SMART Tips provide instant access to your strengths and weaknesses.


    Bench marking is easy. See how you stack up against other players in your handicap bracket or the pros on the GAME GOLF platform. DIAL IN your game and see how fast you improve.


    Pick the time and place, and up the stakes in any game. Private or public, you can create your own challenges or join an existing one.


    Harness your strengths and be motivated by your weaknesses. Set your goals and gain the insights you need to reach them with Bench marking, SMART Tips and more.

We have the LIVE GameGolf version for only $139, (sold everywhere for $249).  Automatic shot detection plus, if you’re a Quick Fix Member you get a analysis of your stats for only $19 each time.  Get the first analysis FREE!

Game Tracking        
GPS-Enabled Rangefinder        
GAME GOLF Platform Access        
Real-Time On Course Stats        
Course Management        
In Round Editing        
Automatic NFC Shot Tracking        
Approved Under the Rules of Golf       *
Automatic Shot Detection        
Hands-Free Device        
Real-Time or Post Round Syncing        


We have the LIVE GameGolf version for only $139, (sold everywhere for $249).  Automatic shot detection plus, so much more.  Buy now below.