Young Touring Pros Today

Young Touring Pros Today

It’s amazing to see how so many of the new young pros coming out are all so competitive. There is such a razor sharp difference between the ones that make it and the ones that don’t.  One very significant influence on ones success is financial backing and personal management, potent enough to get you in to tournaments on sponsors exemption.

We had one very promising prospect stop for a check up from the UK.  Europe went bonkers for golf as witnessed by the Ryder Cup wins they now have under their belt.

We’re holding a Special Workshop this Tuesday October 28th at the Patterson Golf Park driving range at 5:45 until 7 PM.  Our visiting professional from London, Sam Wroclawski will hit some balls for us and answer questions.  After the clinic we will both roam around the group to take a look at your swing and help you apply any tips you found worthy.

Above is the video of the lesson I did with him during his visit.  Hope you can join us.  Sam can hit it a mile!  Tuesday at 5:45 PM.

Wisdom from the PGA Senior Tour

Wisdom from the PGA Senior Tour

I say wisdom from the PGA Senior tour because at this age, you should have some.  I wish all of our student/members could have joined me for what was a perfect day.  The weather was perfect! Being it was Wednesday, you would have had the opportunity to see exactly how these tour players practice.  That’s the key!  How they practice on the PGA Senior Tour.

I’m not talking about the number of hours because workaholics they’re not.  That’s for the young bucks on the regular and tours.

gene-sauers-puttingOne key addition to the group was Gene’s new caddy.  Gene’s caddy Derrick is a former PGA pro himself and used to caddy for Brad Faxon on the Senior Tour.  Well, Gene has had problems with putting so why not take the caddy of who was thought to be the best putter on tour.

Here’s what we worked on yesterday at the Senior Tour.

Ball striking:  About two hours spent hitting balls with most of the work from 100 yards.  We moved Gene’s ball up in his stance.  He was hitting it a little heavy.  Yes, even tour players can make such simple adjustments that one would think so fundamental, that it doesn’t need attention.  Not true!

Bunkers:  Maybe spent about 1/2 hour.  Worked on buried lies and a new method Derrick came up with which I will add to the one day school and bunker workshops.

Putting:  You can see the arc tool we used in the picture above.  We worked a lot on keeping Gene’s chest moving through the stroke.  He has a tendency to lock up a bit at impact and then pull the putt to the left and sometimes close the club face when his chest stops moving, also sending the ball  to the left.

I can’t thank Gene enough for allowing me to spend the day with him and Derrick.  My ability to get “behind the ropes” on the Senior Tour will bring you true practical suggestions to improve your golf game with the same methods players are using on tour.