Improve My Short Putts

Improve My Short Putts

This game of golf is played from 4 to 5 feet and in, short putts.  Maybe even 6 feet and in.  If you perform poorly on short putts you will find it difficult to be competitive.  Maybe I should say it would be difficult to be so skilled at the rest of your golf game that could afford to loose strokes from up close on short putts.

What do you have to do to be successful at short putts?  Control your putter face.  The ball will go where the putter face is pointed.

My Golf Swing in 1972

My Golf Swing in 1972

OK you can laugh!  Go ahead laugh!  The picture below was taken around 1972 by Dick Farley of Swing’s the Thing Golf Schools.  Dick was the poor soul that hired me to be the Director of Golf at Andalucia C.C. in Marbella Spain.  I was home in Miami visiting and taking a break while getting ready to start playing European Tour events and Dick gave me a lesson.  Dick took this photo of my golf swing with his shiny new sequence camera that would take eight pictures in sequence.  State of the art back in those days. 

bobby-lopez-golf-swing-1972Get a load of all the hair I had then, AND I was skinny!  Not to mention how flexible.  How about the size of that back swing!  You would have to call an ambulance today if I tried that today.

Here’s the down line view.  It’s no wonder I hit the ball so much further back then.  I took a BIG rip at it.  Let this be a lesson to all my senior golfing friends.  We just don’t have the flexibility we used to have.  There is still a lot we can do to get back some of that “zippity dooda” in our golf swing and I will revel those insider secrets in our one day golf school for seniors on Wednesday October 1st. 

Yes there are some techniques you can use to re-gain some of that lost distance as well as smarter decisions on short game, (we’re suppose to be older and wiser?).

bobby-lopez-golf-swing-1972-DLIf you’re interested in the one day school for seniors please email me quick at  It’s only $79 and includes all the instruction, lunch, a bottle of Geritol, (only kidding) cart & green fees at Pendleton and range balls.

PGA Conference – Stay ahead of the game!

PGA Conference – Stay ahead of the game!

In my constant effort to keep our members/students informed with all the latest and greatest improvements in golf, here is the first in a series of posts that will reveal the insider secrets covered in the latest PGA conference dedicated to golf club fitting and more.


PGA Conference

Although the emphasis was intended for golf club fitting it never fails that teaching techniques and results become a big part of the conversation at the PGA conference.  The picture above shows a clinic on putter fitting and determining the current putting stroke of a given golfer and how the ball is performing after impact.

For example, the presenter used a lie board, (a plastic hitting board used for checking lie angle) spraying it with powdered chalk.  Once you hit the golf ball with your putter the chalked board would demonstrate where your ball first hit the ground.  The ball was also marked with lines to reveal any side spin on the putt as well.  I will incorporate this technique into our one day school and also on any workshops on putting. 

Of course this method does not fix anything as far as your stroke is concerned but it reveals what we should both concentrate on in order to improve your putting.

We discussed whether you should consider a face balanced putter, 45 degree angle head drop or a 90 degree head drop.  If you’re more of a straight back and forth stroke player you should consider the face balanced putter.  If you have somewhat of a arc path putter try the 45 degree.  Most of the pros discourage the toe down 90 degree drop putter but guess what….that’s what I use! 

I will make a video of the entire process and post it tomorrow night 9-19-2014 so please return then. 

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