Golf Impact Position

Golf Impact Position

I could carry on for days about the golf impact position.  Everything you perform in your back swing and down swing should create the proper impact position for your grip and swing.  Your ability to repeat YOUR motion is the key to your consistency.

This Blog entry is NOT to discuss all the concerns of impact.  It is only to show you how important it is once you find a good impact position to repeat it as much as possible with drills throughout your day.  Yes, do a drill every time nobody’s looking!

I went on a short three day break and yes I took my practice stick with me and did drills every time I could.  I returned yesterday and hit some balls at the range and witnessed immediate results from the drills.  Here’s the video of what I worked on….

Ben Crane Golf Swing Analysis & Testimony

Ben Crane Golf Swing Analysis & Testimony

I did a short analysis of Ben Crane’s golf swing with a before and after video of improvements he made over time.  Improvements take time and you have to be patient.  Once you’ve identified what you should improve on, I believe you’re more than half the way there.  The breakdown comes with our being impatient.

Ben Crane’s Golf Swing Analysis shows that he reduced the lateral motion in his golf swing which makes him more consistent.  Take a look……

We also have a video below of Ben giving his testimony on how his faith had a considerable influence, in helping him through the difficult times that threatened his future in golf.

Your best golf lesson is on the Golf Course

Your Best Golf Lesson is on the Golf Course

I am even more convinced than ever that you MUST make an attempt to play golf with your instructor.  If the instructor is NOT making that affordable to you then he/she is making a big mistake.  That’s why I make the one day golf school with on course instruction available for only $99, which includes all costs like green fees, lunch etc.  Your best lesson is on the golf course. Expired June 30th 2014.

The golf instructor AND the student get a false impression as to their development by swinging the same golf club over and over again on the range.  I believe that what we are discussing here is a huge contributor to why the average golf score has not changed over time.  There is more technology than ever, tons of folks offering themselves as swing gurus but still the average golf score is over a 100.  (Of course it is also the fact that golfers are constantly entering and leaving the game.)

I played golf yesterday with one of our best members.  I’m not saying who so forget it!  What I learned was that I had to do a better job of communicating how important the following systems are:

1) Pre-shot routine
2) Alignment, Your alignment would be better if the pre-shot routine was effective.
3) A solid swing key to assure yourself that you get the golf club started on the right path on the back swing.  Or, a solid key to make sure you do NOT revert back to your core swing fault.
4) Short game around the greens.  You can hit balls until your hands bleed but if you cant get it up and down who cares.
5) Scoring shots from 80 yards and in.  It’s a different swing than your full swing.

Now this will sound like a sales job but I should be having to open more and more one day school dates because every student should attempt to do the one day school at least once a month during the season, if they want to reach their full potential.  More short game only schools should be available and I am going to work on that immediately.  Maybe some workshops on course management and player management.

I hope we get such a response that I have to create more to meet the demand.  It’s not for the money when we’re only charging $99 bucks.  It’s for the results!  The personal satisfaction of you playing a golf game you’re proud of and I had the opportunity of helping you do it.


Didn’t Jack Nicklaus say, “Keep Your Head Still?” – Yea right!

Keep Your Head Still

How many times have you heard, “keep your head still!”  In fact, Nicklaus might have been the one to tell you that.  Isn’t Jack Nicklaus the best golfer ever? Shouldn’t we do without question anything he says? Well?

Take a look at this video analysis below which demonstrates that Nicklaus moves his head, like it or not, and so do a lot of other PGA touring pros.  The key element to control is your front shoulder and arm.  Oh yea and your back hand too!  Those are the three elements that need to line up perfectly at impact, not your head.

Golf is a back handed game which is why your golf glove is wore on your left hand, (right hand for lefties).  If you can create a wide enough coil in your back swing to produce power without moving your head, more power to you.  You must be the rubber band man!