Have You Seen What A Golf Ball Does At Impact?

Have You Seen What A Golf Ball Does At Impact?

Below is a video from the Titleist company. Yes I’m a Callaway staff pro but the Titelist is of course a very good ball as well. In fact, I think there was a law suit at one time with the two companies fitting over the patents of each ball or the copy of one another’s balls etc. Still it is fun to see with the slow motion camera how the ball reacts.

Titleist also claims that the velocity of the golf club head is not a reflection of the compressing of the golf ball! What! You mean if I have a slower swing speed I don’t need a softer golf ball? Well they show as an example a 175 mph swing speed down to a 125 mph. Don’t know about you but I don’t have a 125 mph. Wish they would have tested 95 so most of us could fit in there.

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Here’s the video, (click on the little arrows along side the speaker to enlarge)

Take a Look at Joe Daley Winner of the Seniors Players Championship

joe-daley-golf-proJoe Daley is an American professional golfer formerly of the PGA Tour and Nationwide Tour. He now plays on the Champions Tour. On 1 July 2012, Daley won the Senior Players Championship for his first major victory on the Champions Tour.  Joe is a graduate of Old Dominion University where he played his college golf. 

It was a great pleasure to meet Joe, a true journeyman of the tour.  One of those names you might not know off the top of your head but well worth your observations for a gutsy golfer that hang’s in there no matter what the circumstances.

I can tell you from experience how difficult it is to be a Joe Daley.  My son was born when I was on tour and carting him and the wife around was not easy.  Joe has hung in there think or thin and displayed the right character while maintaining a good attitude and a friendly smile for all.  Yea you don’t have to fight through a crowd for an autograph but Joe will also answer any swing questions you have!  He will talk to you!  A quality lacking on tour today.  It’s the fans that feed us.

I’ve done an analysis of Joe’s swing which he probably would not agree with but hey, we all have an opinion.  Plus, what you feel in a golf swing may not be reality.  One thing is for sure, Joe held his swing together for four full days against the best competition in the business.  I’m sure the feeling of winning a major compensated Joe and his lovely wife for all the inconveniences of the past.

Good luck Joe, we’ll be watching you!