Golf Swing Analysis Sergio Garcia

Golf Swing Analysis Sergio Garcia

Well Sergio finally pops up on the scene after lulling us to sleep for several years now.  He burst on the scene as a young super golfer, doing exhibitions with Tiger and others, only to fizzle out or so it seemed.

Now, could it be the non-traditional putter he has now, which is very popular on tour and should be disallowed in my estimation, made a difference?  I do not believe one should be able to brace the golf club against their body in any manner, period.  They better outlaw it quick before Tiger gets one.  I believe that Hogan is turning in his grave.

Take a look at the comparison of Sergio vs. Sergio and notice some slight deviations to his back swing.  Players go through periods where they are making slight deviations to their back swings without being aware of it.  That’s why I believe the caddy has evolved from a bag carrier part time club selector to an assistant swing coach with a keen eye for their players idiosyncrasies.

How Do You Transfer Your Weight In the Golf Swing? You Don’t!

Alright stop screaming!  Let me explain.  Yes there is weight transferred in the golf swing but it is because of the upper body tilt and centrifugal force.  Now you’re really confused?

I went to see Chi Chi Ridriguez do a clinic and out of the audience came the question, “hey Chi Chi, when do you transfer your weight in the down swing?”.  Chic Chi said, “You don’t!”  He said, “if I want to hit it high and stay on my back foot, if I want to hit it low a stay on the front foot.”

Now what actually happens is your tilt in the back swing toward your back foot moves most of your weight on your back foot by virtue of the tilt, not a slide or sway.  Then you make a body turn from that same tilted position on your back foot. With your body turn and the centrifugal force created by way of the circular turn pulls you to your front foot at the finish.  You do not step on to your left or front foot first or slide to your front foot first before turning on your down swing!

The result of sliding or swaying will be pushing the ball out or a slice as well OR if you’re really quick with your hands you will snap hook the ball off to the left, (for right handers).

Take a look at the video of one of our workshop lessons below.  Hope it helps your golf game. 

Is Tiger’s Problem the Belly Putter?

Is Tiger’s Problem the Belly Putter?

Many are discussing the problems Tiger is having winning another major.  Changing swing coaches, swinging to hard on the golf course, maybe trying to hard and more.

Could it be that more players are using the belly putter and the long putter than ever before?  Could it be that golf companies are making more of long putters and making them better as well?  I went in a golf shop the other day and I noticed a considerable difference in the choices for belly putters and the like.

It’s also not just an old man’s putter to overcome nerves.  Younger plays on tour are using them.  Younger players are also putting cross handed.  Jack Nicklaus said that if he had it to do over again, he would have putted cross handed.

Let’s take a look at Tiger’s putting stroke on video and see if we can find any clues.

Having Trouble with Golf Club Selection?

Having Trouble with Golf Club Selection?

There is more to club selection than just, “what did you hit Bill?”.  Back in the old days, most all the golf clubs were uniform.  A six iron had about 36 degrees of loft, (today’s average is 32) and the length was about the same, even if the golfer was 6″ 3″” tall.

I remember when Ping first came out with their golf clubs with the number on the back of the golf club.  Golfers at that time thought is was unfair for the opponent to know what golf club the golfer was hitting.

Most golfers have no idea exactly what they hit their six iron vs. their seven.  They guesstimate and in a lot of cases exaggerate their ability, because they think of that one great shot they hit instead of working with an average distance and with a swing tempo they can handle.  A consistent swing tempo is critical to developing golf club selection that is effective and dependable.

Here’s a road map you might consider:

1) Choose one golf ball you like and can afford and stick to it.
2) Go to a par three late in the afternoon when there sin’t a lot of play and hit a six iron to a green with about six balls and average out the distances to the pitch mark.
3) If you can’t do that try an open field or a quite driving range with your own golf balls.
4) Have your lofts and lie checked on your golf clubs.  Your lofts must be consistent, (most likely four degrees difference in loft per golf club) in order to have a consistent difference in distance per golf club.  Most say it’s about 10-12 yards per club.

Watch this video for further information on this topic.

You Say Golf Is Not As Competitive Today? Look At This……

You Say Golf Is Not As Competitive Today? Look At This……

Go to the PGA Tour site and click on live scoring.

Take a look at the names that are at risk of NOT making the cut today.  How about some names like:

Bubba Watson, Luke Donald, Lee Westwood, Bill Haas, Robert Allenby, Angel Cabrera, Matt Kuchar, Rickie Fowler, Sergio Garcia, John Rollins, and more.  Are you kidding me?  These are some top dogs that won’t see Saturday morning!

I’m old enough to remember the good old days.  How many great players did we have?  Sam Snead, Tommy Bolt, Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan, Billy Casper, Byron Nelson, Gary Player, Gene Littler, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Doug Sanders, Ken Venturi, Ray Floyd, Julius Boros, Tommy Armour, and yea and Jack Nicklaus.

Ok we had a few but still, for the most part, there are a lot of really good young golfers out there and there’s more all the time.  Better preparation in college and don’t forget all the mini-tours you have now that did not exist then.

My only concern is that the young players of today are not quite as colorful or unique in their mannerisms.  You didn’t have to ask who’s that swinging.  So many swings that are robotic.

I’d like to see Bubba throw his Pink driver in the lake sometime just like Tommy Bolt!  I wonder if the pink color makes it float?

Your Back Swing Needs To Go Down Hill!

Right here we have a perfect example of dragging the golf club behind you.  You will see it in the video in case the term is not familiar to you.  The body is way ahead of the arms and your lag angle dissipates before you get to the golf ball costing you needed club head speed.

Along with the video, I’ve included a dril that might help.  Different drills work for different folks but this one is easy to do and you don’t need a golf club or a ball.  Do the drill everytime nobody’s looking!

Here’s the video.

Here’s a drill you can do. The elbow drill

Every Golfer’s Dream…Shoot Your Age!

Every Golfer’s Dream…Shoot Your Age!

Well, Bill Wagner, (student/member of Quick Fix Golf) shot better than his age!  Bill is a very youthful 74 years young and shot a 71 at Providence golf course this past week.  Yes a 71!  Worse, yet he is going to improve even more!  After taking a lesson this week, (he was smart to come in after shooting the 71 to see what he was doing well) we found more room for improvement.

Bill is a pastor of a Baptist Church in Richmond and quite a Gent.  A student of the game and always asking questions, which I like.  When students ask questions it toggles my feeble brain, which makes sure I cover all the information you need and deserve.

All the best Pastor and maybe before the year is out we can boast of a 69 or better. (Oh yea, that no man should boast, sorry)

Hey, Bobby:

I want to give credit where credit is due.  Last night at Patterson you gave me pointers on my grip, backswing, and hip turn.  I tried to put them into practice today at Providence Golf Club and guess what–I shot a 71.  This included one eagle and three birds!  Three shots under my age!  Thanks for your patience with an old cogger. 

Hoorah!  (A little Marine Corps lingo there.)

Bill Wagner