Brand New Golf Drill For Over The Top!

Brand New Golf Drill For Over The Top!

Here’s a golf drill well worth watching.  After the day on the golf course at Birkdale with the pro I asked John Adams, (one of your lesson members) to follow me over to the range for an idea I had for alleviating the spin motion he did most of the day on the golf course.

It worked!  John said it was the best drill I’ve given him yet and when he watches this video he will be even more convinced that this spin motion is the only thing he should be working on until he gets this spin motion under control, (remember you’re never cured, you’re in remission).

The spin move will return if he’s not careful.  All of us need to first identify what our golf swing problem is and then apply the proper medication in the form of a drill to keep the faulty motion in check.  You also need to repeat the drill or drills on a regular business to remind your body that the body spin is NOT what will help you accelerate the golf club.

This video also proves that the portion of your lesson program that includes “on course” instruction is extremely important for both the student and the teacher.  I get to see you in action on the golf course which in many cases is NOT what you look like on the driving range.

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How Far Do The Pros Hit The Ball?

How Far Do The Pros Hit The Ball?

With today’s technology, we can measure exactly how far the ball is traveling and how it’s traveling.  How it travels has a lot to do with how far it travels.   Launch monitors are becoming very popular today because of the ability to measure spin rates and more.  My personal opinion, only opinion mind you, based on years of experience is that the best data on this chart is actually the “Smash Factor.”  The data you can get from something as inexpensive as a piece of face tape on the front of your golf club face, which makes a mark where you’re hitting the golf ball, will do just about the same thing.

If you fit a golf club that you hit more times than not right in the center of the golf club face, more often than any other configuration, that’s YOUR golf cub period!  Get the ball right in the center of the club face and you’ll play your best golf.

I have links to the Tour Average Charts I mentioned earlier below.  I have the Mens Tour and the LPGA Tour.  The data in these chart include:

Club Head Speed – How fast the golf club is traveling
Attack Angle – The angle of approach to the ball.  The longer hitters have an upward angle of about three degrees.  The Tour average is one point three negative.
Ball Speed – How fast the ball comes off the face of the golf club.  1.5 times faster than club head speed is excellent.  Example 100 mph club speed – 150 mph ball speed.
Smash Factor – Overall performance at impact and center hit.
Launch Angle – Angle ball travels after impact
Spin Rate – The number of revolutions in flight
Apex – Overall flight angle
Landing Angle – The angle of approach to the ground
Carry – How far it went in the air.

With all this data, you can see how the modern day touring professional dials in all the advantages available.  Now it’s up to his swing and controlling his/her emotions.

To see the chart on the Men’s PGA Tour Click Here

For the Ladies LPGA Tour click here.

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Can a Yo Yo Improve Your Golf Swing?

Can a Yo Yo Improve Your Golf Swing?

This idea came to me when I was desperately trying to find a new way of demonstrating the body turn and tilt in a manner that would be easier for you to visualize and understand.  Once I reviewed the video I knew I was correct and I hope you agree.

One needs to set the body with some tilt towards your back foot at address, turn from the tilted position without lifting…then turn back on that same exact angle without changing any tilt angles or positions.  It looks so simple you’ll probably think like I did, why didn’t I come up with this sooner!

Now to accomplish this swing motion you need to practice in your back yard and/or in front of a mirror.  You might consider videoing yourself doing this drill.  You might need to do this about a billion times without a golf ball until you can master it with a golf ball.

Click on the little box in the lower right corner to enlarge the video.


Not At Home On The Range

Not At Home On The Range

One of our fine members/students sent over this article from the Wall Street Journal about how golf instruction needs to include on course scenarios.  I couldn’t agree more which is why we changed our lesson  program this year to include more on the golf course experience.

Not many golf professionals offer on the golf course lessons.

The range is great for reprogramming swing motions but now you have to carry it over to the real thing.  Both on to the golf course and under competition.  Even if it’s only your $2 Nassau with your buddies.

Here’s the article

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