Here’s A Golf Video That’s Funny!

Here’s A Golf Video That’s Funny!

Here’s one guy we had, (Dushan) who was a riot and a pleasure to have in the group. The we had the ultimate potential disaster. One of the golfers was nice enough to agree to pick up one of the other golfers that lived close to him and drive him down to the school. In fact, four of us road with him because he had a nice big car/truck. Well he was proudly wearing his Green Bay Packers cap. Well, the guy he was picking up (who he didn’t know from Adam) was dressed in his Steelers gear!!!! Hello! Their videos attached.

Sumter School A BIG Hit!

Sumter School A BIG Hit!

The atmosphere at the end of the school was very rewarding for me. Like that guy in the television commercial, “Revaarding, Very Very Revaarding!!!” You could tell that everyone had a great time! Everyone not only improved their golf game but they better understood what they needed to do in the future to continue their improvement.

The enthusiasm level was so high that I took some videos of the guys after the school you’ll enjoy. Great bunch of guys! I enjoyed all of them and hope to see them again at Pendleton Golf Club real soon!

I also learned something that’s going to help me improve my game. I’m going to incorporate some of the things we did at the Sumter school into the one day school at Pendleton. If you’re interested in the One Day School just send me an email and I’ll send you a $40 off coupon.

We Played A Beautiful Picturesque South Carolina Private Club

We Played A Beautiful Picturesque
South Carolina Private Club

Wow was this a treat! We played Sunset Country Club in Sumter today. This was a treat because this is a private club and does not usually allow golfers from the outside world. Thanks to Scotty Letien we were incited as guests.

The golf course was in great shape, and the members were so friendly and even joined us in the bar afterward watching the golf tournament and smoking cigars and of course having a cold one! Yes you can smoke cigars in the bar! Luckily Al Gore is NOT a member.

We started out with doing some warm up on the practice putting green. Then we did some work in the practice bunker. Off to the driving range to get the engines rolling then out to the first tee.

The greens were fast but they rolled true. The golf course was not overly difficult but it wasn’t a cake walk either. The course was built in 1922 and has all the charm of maybe Golden Horseshoe in Williamsburg?

They were great to have us and incited us back so the next group will get the opportunity to enjoy what we did this week. I look forward to going back.

We’re Doing A Three Day School In Sumter, SC And It’s A BLAST!

We’re Doing A Three Day School In
Sumter, SC And It’s A BLAST!

We started our first three day golf school in Sumter SC and we’re having a blast! We spent all day yesterday at The Links at Lakewood, (if you remember Scott Letien as the Director of Golf at The Crossings for about 13 years) and we had the run of the place. Scott is great! We did a ton of work on the driving range, a ton of short game on the practice putting green with chipping too, and then we played about 15 holes until it got dark.

Today we’re going to a private golf club to play, Sunset Country Club. I hope these bone heads behave at the private club?

I’ll let you know how it goes today.