When Do I Start Rolling My Hands?

When Do I Start Rolling My Hands?

First off you actually should be rolling your forearms. Using your hands or wrists cold promote more of a “flip” rather than a solid roll. “Flipping” will also add loft to your golf club causing you to hit the ball higher and shorter.

The back of your left wrist, (for right handers) needs to be bulged slightly in order to create that solid feel at impact. The bulging will also help you reduce the club face loft adding distance and a lower more boring ball flight.

Here’s how to get it done. First off let’s consider impact at 12 o’clock. Hold the golf club in only your left hand, (again for right handers) and swing a very short back swing let’s say to about two o’clock. Then while swinging the golf club back to impact begin “rolling” your left forearm BEFORE you get to impact. You should finish at about ten o’clock with your left palm facing upward.

I would do this drill with just your left hand a lot before attempting to add the right hand. Once you do add the right hand you should see the back of your right hand when finishing at the ten o’clock position.

I can show you a good drill for this by clicking here

I Read A Tip In A Golf Magazine Yesterday and It Ruined My Swing!!!!

I Read A Tip In A Golf Magazine Yesterday
and It Ruined My Swing!!!!

Boy have I heard that one before. Here’s the problem. When the golf magazine company asks a professional to write an article they do not offer any service to monitor if the tip is negative or has merit. In a lot of cases the tip has merit but just does not apply to your swing needs.

The only thing I’ve ever received in the way of instruction when writing an article for a magazine is the number of words. They will say something like, “you need to hold it to only 400 words.” Makes sense. They have space to fill. Remember magazines are in the advertising business.

The best thing to do is this. If you’re taking lessons with a PGA pro and I hope you are, make sure to bring the golf tip up to him/her first. Get their opinion. I like it when my students mention a tip they read. I want them to tell me so I can address it. It might be a great tip that I might want to use in the future or it might be the worst medicine for that golfer but good for another.

Be careful about chasing rabbits. Stick to the fundamentals of a good swing and you can’t go wrong.

Drill, Drill, Drill and Forget It!

Drill, Drill, Drill and Forget It!

Golfers sometimes make the mistake of carrying over their practice session to the golf course. NOT a good idea.

Thinking about your practice assignment on the golf course could frustrate you to such a point that you give up on the good work you’re doing on the range.

You may be improving in “reprogramming” your swing fault on the driving range and NOT be ready to carry it out to the golf course.

Work on your drills at the driving range and let that work “meld” into your swing on the golf course. On the golf course your mind should be on club selection, shot selection, swing tempo and balance. You actually have a better chance of having the hard work to invested on the driving range produce results if you relax and let the new movements jump in on their own.

If you’re still having trouble with the transition from the range to the golf course then you need to stay off the golf course and get back on the driving range. Do your drills as often as you can whether it be at home, in the back yard with whiffle balls or in front of a mirror.

That’s why I think the off season is the BEST time to work on your golf swing.