I Suggest You Join the Tidewater Amateur Golf Tour

I ran into a diamond in the rough with the Tidewater Amateur Golf Tour. Amateur golfers in Virginia can participate in a number of stroke play golf tournaments. The 2006 tour will consist of 17 tournaments starting in March and ending in October with the Local Tour Championship. The tour will then travel to Myrtle Beach for the National Tour Championship.

The Tidewater schedule ranges from Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, Norfolk and even Northern Virginia. Some of the courses they’ll be playing are TPC of Virginia Beach, Williamsburg National, Stonehouse, Golden Horseshoe, with the National Championship at Wild Wing in Mytrle Beach.

The tour offers different flights so anyone can participate. They also control your stats like greens in regulation, fairways hit and more. Great idea!

I like this tour for one big reason. It will make you a better golfer! I guarantee it! I remember from my days on the professional tour, when you went back home to play you amazed yourself on how much you had improved.

There’s something about playing under competitive pressure that just can’t be experienced in practice or playing a nassau with your buddies. Especially the fact that the tournaments are held under stroke play conditions. You have to finish every hole.

You can visit their web site at www.tidewatertour.com It’s only about $70 to join.

Can A Personality Profile Help Your Golf Game?

I ran in to a very nice lady at the Nation Speaker Association conference, Jennifer Munro that has a very successful business in profiling employees for businesses. She’s adapted her talents to the game of golf after becoming addicted to the game around 1994. She now assists tour players in their mental strategies and offered to do a profile on me so I could experience the program for myself.

I was tentative at first for fear that I would have to replace her computer after entering my test answers but figured what the heck why not. She’ll only find out what I already know, I’m nuts!

I got back the results and they were quite impressive. She was able to list out the situations I should avoid while playing golf and the situations I should encourage. For instance…she was able to determine that because of my personality I should slow down before playing a golf shot, concentrate more on my tempo, pre-shot routine, and think more conservative and less aggressive. I guess the program did not mention to knock off the Cuban coffee before a round either!

I can tell you from experience that the analysis was right on target and worth doing. You can reach Jennifer at www.golfmindrx.com. You can get all the details on getting your own analysis.

They say that golf is 90 percent mental so who knows, it might help you. I’m going to apply what I learned from it.

U.S. Pro Golf Tour

Not another tour! Yes you’ve got it, another tour. This one is suppose to service the youngsters that are 18 years old and not ready for the PGA tour as yet, PGA golfers who are preparing for the seniors tour and not quite 50 as yet. Sounds like a father son event to me!

I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have something for the two age groups mentioned as a preparation for the big tour. However, I disagree with the format of a tour card only tour. Why not allow golfers who didn’t hear about the tour in advance qualify every week. It might be the organizational difficulties of holding another tournment each week, (which is what qualifying really is) is too much for the amount of staff they have so they went with an all exempt tour.

I like the “good ole days” when one could qualify and make it from out of no where. Look at my buddy Vincente Fernandez from Argentina. He went to open qualifying at a Senior Tour event, qualified and then won the tournament which exempted him for one year.

I like that kind of story! Don’t you?

If you want to learn more about the new U.S. Pro Tour go to http://www.usprotour.com.

Helping someone shallow out their golf swing.

I spent some time today with my friend Dr. Patrick Porter today. He has always had trouble with his golf swing being too steep. This is a very common error. What I had him do is make some practice swings like he was hitting a baseball. Yes swinging like he was hitting a baseball. This forced him to swing his golf club more level to the ground, (more shallow). Gradually I had him lower his golf swing lower and lower until he could reach the ground.

Then I had him hit some golf balls and he actually started to draw the golf ball instead of slicing it. If he just keeps on doing the baseball swing drill it will gradually shallow out his swing.

Maybe this drill will help you too if you have a shallow swing. My G-TEAM members get tons of drills just like the mentioned in this posting. Learn more about the G-TEAM membership at only $79 per year at http://www.bobbylopezgolf.com.

Over the Net Golf Lessons with Video Analysis and Touring Pro Comparisons

I’ve put together the first of its kind “Over the Net” golf membership program. At http://www.bobbylopezgolf.com. Why, because time is becoming an influence in golf, time to play, time to practice. I think golfers need instructional ideas, (golf tips) and drills that they can do in their home or office with tangible results.Golf is the game of business and networking but you can’t do business on the golf course if you stink. Nobody wants to make a fool out of themselves and loose the sale becasue of their bad golf game. Not to mention having a good time at playing golf themselves.

The golf drills and the manner in which I teach you to apply the golf drills can help beginning golfers as well as a seasoned touring proferssional. Having played on the tour myself I know what it takes to be confident on the golf course which comes from believing in your practice program.

I call my new membership the G-TEAM. For only $79 a year you will have two private lessons “Over the Net”, unlimited access to all my lesson videos, drill videos, special reports, golf exams to test your skills and a special IsAAC golf stats tracking system that will measure your improvement and show you where you need the most help. You will also get an official USGA handicap so you can play in amateur tournaments around the world if you wish.Check it out at my web site http://www.bobbylopezgolf.com.

It’s new and unique. I’ll keep you abreast with new free tips and ideas on this blog so check back whenever you can. I would be honored if you would bookmark my blog and tell a friend while you’re at it.

Bobby Lopez, PGA